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Primo+ Stunted Growth


im 18 and probaly not done growing, i want to take my BD primobol (primo) but i dont want to stunt my growth, however primo does to aromatize or convert to estrogen at all so how would it be possible to stunt my growth??


Dude...I am going to be kind to you and give you an answer though you will not like it. Most on this board will not even regard this post.

Why take steroids at 18?? You have enough Test. in your body to make quality gains. Eat protein and train hard. I never used anabolics until the age of 35 and got pretty strong and big just doing the aforementioned.

Anyway...WHY PRIMO???





What JRR641 said.


Primo on the black market is often just rebottled Testosterone Enanthate.

Wait until you're done growing - and learn how to make gains naturally first. Steroids merely accelerate whatever progress you're making naturally, so if you're making no progress without them, you'll make little if any with them.


Dire Wolf,

Where in Scotland do you hunt and eat your large animals?



You posted almost the exact same thing in your last post title "stunted growth". If you feel you need steroids at 18, go ahead stunt your growth and mess up your endocrine system. You'll be muscular for a few weeks (it won't last of course because you have no idea what you're doing) but those few weeks will be totally worth it. Then you'll be able to tell all your friends "yeah, I did 'roids', it was pretty sweet". Is that what you want to hear? numbnutz.


i have 100 anavar tabs also, i was told if i take 5 mg a day for 4 to 5 weeks before my growth plates close i may grow an inch or 2 inches taller than i would normally grow



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This is some funny shit. If your afraid of your test levels being low, go see your doctor and get them checked or pay for an internet saliva test (not sure of correct wording, not available in Canada). NO STEROIDS YET of any kind. At this point the only test booster you should be considering is TRIBEX or Alpha Male.