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Primo Pain


i have been injecting primo bout a 2 weeks now. i was going to do 2 amps ever other day, but it was to much even for my glutes to handles so i went to daily injecitons. The injections still hurt like hell even after warming up the oil and injecting really slow. Has anyone experienced this or do i have test prop in my amps. They look legit and are serial # 13590. havent been able find to much on that serial number, any help would be greatly appreciated.


At typical prices, not many in the US can afford to use 700 mg/week Primo. (The meaning is not in reference to average wealth in the US, but rather to typical prices demanded.)

If you're not paying through the nose, one has to wonder. It is true though that in some foreign countries the local price is cheap and conceivably one might enjoy the benefit of that with an honest seller.

It is not the substance itself that causes pain; it is the formulation of the carrier.

Genuine Schering Primobolan is painless.


paid about $8 an amp from online guy who has given me good stuff in past. but this stuff hurts so it either prop or god knows what. Is there a place i can go to get an amp tested to see if it real?


I suppose I completely wasted my time telling you that the steroid is not the cause of the pain, but the formulation.

The God-knows-what however is a reasonable conclusion. If it hurts badly and is labeled Schering, it isn't. Actually I should modify the statement -- I haven't used Schering Primo in a very long time and can't recall if it is actually painless or simply not severe as you describe. It would then be a counterfeit so that would put it into the God-knows-what category.

If it's not labeled Schering in the first place that also may put in the God-knows-what category.


Since you are using a reasonable amont of primobolan for two weeks now, have you noticed any effects so far? And does it feel like "primo"?
Let's assumbe it actually contain test prop@100mg/ml, you can definitely tell it's not primo, or god-fobid T-400
in your amp, you will surely feel pretty bloated by now.


oh, another possibility is that it contains unsterile oil with no AAS in it, it can also be painful from microbal infecton!!


I remember shooting 100mg/ml amps of Schering Primobolan Enanthate and it was painless.


no bloat, 2lb gain but i upped my calories so thats prob the reason for the weight gain. Does anyone know of a test or place i can send an amp to see if it is prop or just oil? i will discontinue until i get a lab test of what is in the amps. would a place like Labcorp test compounds?


no bloat, 2lb gain but i upped my calories so thats prob the reason for the weight gain. Does anyone know of a test or place i can send an amp to see if it is prop or just oil? i will discontinue until i get a lab test of what is in the amps. would a place like Labcorp test compounds?


i just tasted a little of it and its bitter and made my tongue numb.....so im almost postitive its not any form of test.


Man I truly wasted my time with you on this point. Are you incapable of learning the point that it is not the steroid that causes the pain?

Then you go on to thinking you can demonstrate what steroid it isn't because of taste that is attributable to the formulation.

You cannot fucking learn, clearly. End of thread so far as I am concerned.


i know its not a steroid i just wanna what the hell it is. Ive been puting in it my body and wont just hope that its nothing bad. I want to try and figure out what it is.


OMG. Where did I say what you have is not a steroid. We have no information as to whether it is or not. That was not remotely the point I was making.

I'm sorry, it's clear I cannot help you, so this will have to be it.


My god.


haha soon you'll be posting pictures of "LOLcats"


hey man, correct me if i am wrong, but isn't the expiration date of those amps 10-2008? I used them last year, indeed very painful... Just like you, i have wondered whats inside them. to be honest, i never made better gains then i did on these fake amps, so i also would like to know what was inside. My best guess is a very high dose of testo... I know for a fact it isnt deca, i'm very prone to it's sides (prolactine gyno)and didn't notice any. I did lose some hair on my head, so it has to be highly androgenic... Libido was also trough the roof... made great dry gains, and no sides besides the hairloss...
Eventough they are fake, i would use them again with great pleasure!!


f**k man who cares just stop taking them, its a little late to worry about what you have already injected into your body. Shering primobolan is the most counterfeited steroid out there, and if you are importing them and paying 8bux...they are fake, prob test prop or just oil with BA.


I've usually seen them for around 11-13 a pop. 8 sounds a bit cheap.

Aquilla, that is crazy. Could be a mast/test or tren/test mix? Who really knows?

I was actually looking at some schering primo but now I will think twice.


There was a time when i could get genuine Schering primo enanth for just £2.5 an amp... that was a special deal to me.. but it shows that it can be done. this was... around 2002, 3 or 4 though.

If you can't handle just 2ml in your glutes, is there a chance this pain is due to you being quite new to steroids? Most injections hurt at the beginning just from the oil being in the tissue..


Clearly he doesn't have his "listening ears" on..:slightly_smiling:
Jesus, it's a good thing Bill can put up with this shit when he clearly explains stuff as well as he does, and you have these people just not paying any attention at all to what he says, then jumping around and acting a fool.

My God.