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Primo/OT Cycle Update

just wanted to give you guys a cycle update.

i am now in week 5 of my primo/OT cycle…things have been a little rocky.

i started out at 600mg/w primo and 40mg/d OT. Things were going well but the injections were getting really swollen and sore (to the point I couldn’t walk). I was also getting really bad back pumps to the point I was having trouble running when I wasn’t too sore from the injections. By the end of week 3 I had gained from 220lbs to 231lbs of pretty much all lean muscle but i felt like crap.

I have since dropped the OT to 20mg/d and took a week off the injections because I was on a road trip for work (I wasn’t able to lift during this time either because of work functions at night). Over this time I didn’t eat that well and actually apeared to lean out a bit???

I am now in week 5 and have lost 3lbs. the back pumps are still there but better. I have noticed my libido is much better as well. The strength is still very solid (did curls with 50lb dumbells at the end of my workout and they felt like 30s) so i am hoping now that I kick the injections back up again I will keep gaining.

I started a new plan today that will now go like this:
300mg/w TestE, 200mg/w Primo, 200mg/w Masteron and 20mg OT/d
I will run this for the next 10 weeks (OT only for the next 2 weeks), take 2 weeks to let the esters clear and then hit up the Nolva.

I am now keeping the injections to 1cc per shot as that seemed to be a lot better so I will be pinning 3x/w now.

I will keep you guys updated as to how things go.


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