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Primo or EQ for Lean Bulk?


24 years old, 6’1 , 93kg , 13%bf.

Previous cycles:

  1. 16 weeks: 1-8 500mg test cyp, 9-16 750mg test cyp, ran with 12.5mg E3D Aromasin. HCG, Nolva and Clomid PCT
    Off for 8 months,
  2. 16 weeks: 1-8 500 mg test cyp, 9-14 750 mg test cyp, 14-16 250mg , 40 mg Tbol 1-5, 12-16 40 mg Anavar, same AI and PCT protocol as previous.


To add more size, while keeping at a reasonable body fat(sub 18%),

Considering this Cycle:

1-18 EQ or Primo @ 600 mg per week
1-8 Test cyp @ 500 mg per week
9-20 Test cyp @ 750 mg per week
1-6 Tbol @ 40/60 mg every day

With aromasin 12.5 mg E3D

PCT: Will be the same as previous cycles.


Are these dosages fine for this cycle? Should I up the AI?

Should I consider another oral kickstart or should I drop it all together? ( I don’t want anything extremely liver toxic or damaging)

Will equipoise or Primobolan gains be noticeable after 7/8 weeks when it kicks in? Which compond is better for a bulk and to add strength? Any other compounds I should consider as alternatives to equipoise or Primobolan, if I want to make the most amount of gains? However, I’m weary of Deca, due to the harsh recovery and ‘deca dick’

Skip the Deca, I would use primo at 800mg and do the Tbol at the end of the cycle and run the cycle at 14 weeks.


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Most “Primo” is actually low dose EQ substituted in its place. So right off the bat, how established is your source? Everyone thinks their guy is on point but very very few actually know because the only way to know is to send the bottles to a lab. There are quite a few UGLs that put out high quality products for the common compounds but when it comes to Primo and Anavar they substitute or at the very least put out a very under dosed product. So you need to really ask yourself honestly is your source trusted enough for you to pay Primo prices for bottles that will probably contain EQ? I always advise guys to try winstrol before anavar because so much “anavar” is actually winstrol. The same applies to primo, go try EQ first so down the road when you really do trust your source enough to risk spending Primo prices you should be able to see the difference in what primo does or does not do when compared to EQ.

If you can’t tell my vote is for you running EQ not only for the above reasons but also because of what your goals are. Just comparing price vs results you will get more bang for your buck with the EQ. You will definitely end up with more lean mass at your proposed dosage. I would bet you will also get more strength results as well. You indicated you are after lean mass and even though primo would help you gain it’s shining quality is it’s ability to preserve mass during a diet and even possibly allow some phantom gains during a caloric deficit. Since you want to gain then use the compound known for quality steady lean mass gains, EQ.

I notice you like to ramp up your dosage of test I really dont think that is necessary. On those shorter cycles you were not even really at the higher dose long enough to properly harness it. With this long cycle layout you will be at the higher dose long enough but I still don’t think it will return any appreciable results.

You asked about the aromasin dose, everyone is different. I think the 12.5 on injection days is a good place to start. Just self monitor and adjust if needed. Since this is going to be a significantly higher dose of aromatizing compounds vs earlier cycles just remember if you have to increase dosage you need to increase slowly and stay at the new dose for at least a week before adjusting more. A lot of guys want this instant fix, AI dosage needs time to enact it’s results so don’t get in a hurry and over do it. Ultimately there is no chart saying X amount of test (or whatever aromatizes) requires Y amount of aromasin.

HCG during PCT is counter productive. It literally works against recovery. You can blast it for 2-4 weeks right before you start the Nolvadex and or clomid but not during it. The Nolvadex is trying to make your body produce it’s own “HCG” so if you have synthetic in your body then your body won’t make it’s own.

I personally am a fan of running any oral at the end of a cycle to push me to finish strong. The concept behind a kickstart is good but in practice it doesn’t seem to return any real results, at least for me and the times I have tried it. So if you want the tbol in there run it at the end. You could also run winstrol instead, it’s a DHT and with your test and EQ you already have two test based compounds. Tbol is also test based. Nice things happen when you mix different families together.