Primo or Deca?

If you were doing an 8-10 week cycle and your diet were not exactly what we would call ideal would primo be more effective than Deca or equipoise? I know some of you will say, “if your diet is not in order why even start a cycle?”, however for the sake of this question please refrain from that comment in your answers. You would run Test all the way through and d-bol for the first 4-6 weeks, along with an anti-estrogen.

What kind of dosage of Primo are we talking here? With a high enough dosage you can (arguably) have equal/better results with Primo than Deca with fewer sides. If I had enough Primo to run 800-1000mg/wk I would definitely go that route. I made good gains on a test/primo cycle (gained ~15 lbs, dropped 2.5% bf) and my diet was shitty. As for EQ, how strongly does it affect your appetite? EQ?s appetite stimulant characteristics may exacerbate a bad diet.

Anyone know what dose hairloss becomes a big issue with primo? I’m think I’ve read 600 mgs.

Hair loss is only an issue if you have the gene for male hair pattern balding.
If you do, then obviously this would be an issue, however high doses of deca contibute to the same problem. I would definitely take the primo- you just feel better on it and there is absolutely no water retention.

Thanks for all of your responses. Primo will be run at 500mgs per week with 750mgs of test(8 weeks) and 50mgs of d-bol for the first 5 weeks. This is a future cycle, and because of my schedule my nutrition is going to suffer somewhat.

I would go with the primo too.