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Primo or Deca

Hi! I was first thinking of doing deca 400mg for 4 weeks and then 200mg for another 4 weeks, a 8 week cycle so to say. Now I don’t know any more, I was maybe thinking of doing primobolan depot instead of the deca. Then I would go with 400mg for 10 weeks. I can’t afford them both so I have to make a choice…What would U go with? Deca or Primobolan? The primobolan would be better if I was to compare the sideeffects. I have also heard that mg to mg the primobolan would be a better choice, but is this right? Is primobolan depot more anabolic that Deca?

What would you go for, Deca or Primobolan depot. Expecting 8-10lb gain, while maybe loosing some fat(in the end of the cycle, weeks 9-12 maybe, when the stuff is still in the system)

Stats: Bf:11-12%
Bw: 187-189lb(approx 85kg)

Anyone please?

Shit, if thats all you want to gain, 8-10 lbs. Then save your cash and use Androsol. I beleive you want to lose fat also? use androsol and maybe Md-6. Why would you want to use serious shit and only expect small gains? I think maybe some more research on this idea is aviseable.Just my opinion.

It depends on your dealer. If you could by a little of the one and a little of the other you could make a nice stack. IF you have to choose one or the other I would do Primobolan. Instead of doing it for 8 weeks, I would shorten it to four and double the doses you were going to use. For instance, it you were going to use 200 for the first 4 weeks and 100 mg for the second 4 weeks, I would use 400 mg for the first 2 weeks and 200 for the second two weeks. The reason for this is that first you will probably get your most noticable gains in the first 4 weeks anyway. Second, You can saturate you receptors with more 'roid while their fresh; so the gains you would get would be more pronounced.

There are two reasons why I would chosse Primo. First, the safety factor is better with Primo, second, there is no testicular atrophy so your balls don’t have to recover and you won’t suffer from low testosterone. Also, you tend to keep your gains with Primo.
If you could do a mix stack I would do it this way (dosages are exaples, though they would woork pretty well).A 8 week sample would look like this, 1st 2 weeks, 400 mg of Deca.2nd 2 weeks I would use 200 mg of Deca and 200 mg of Primo. 5th week would be 300mg of Primo. 6th week 200mg Primo. Last 2 weeks, 100 mg of Primo.
A 4 week Stack would be: First 2 weeks would be, 400 mg Deca, 2nd 2 weeks, 200 mg of Deca and 200 mg of Primo. Last 4 weeks I would do 200 mg of Primo.
If you want to do the Deca, I would break it down like this. 1rst 2 weeks 400 mg of Deca. 2nd two weeks, 200 mg of Deca. * If you can get some Clomid go ahaed. Start taking it on your last week. Your normal testosterone levels should be back in no time. If you can’t get Clomid, and reputable Tribulus will help. Past experience with tribulus has proven to be effective in retoring test. levels, for me anyway.

WARNING: You may very well gain over 8 - 10 lbs. I would guess 15 - 20 if done properly.
Happy ‘roidin’

Primobolan is better than Deca !
I have tried both many times and every time i tried Deca it shrunk my balls and T-levels a lot. Even a long time after the last shot.

Thanks pat!

I can get both primo and deca, but the reason why I would like to do a 10 week cycle, is that I would like to “combine” bulk with cutting. I won’t eat like a maniac, because I tend to gain a lot of fat in no time, even though my diet is good(1.5g protein/lbBW). I have tested low carbs with high protein and low fat, also high protein, low carbs medium fat. If I did the primo 10 weeks cycle I would eat “normal” for the first 3 weeks( primobolan takes abouit 3-5 weeks to kick in, ey?), then start bulking in the end of week 3 when the primo kicks in. I would continue bulking until week 9 and then start cutting up with clen and t3 until week 12. During weeks 11-12 the primobolan will still be in my body so I don’t think that I will loose any muscles when doing t3.

I do not think that a 4 week cycle with deca and primo would be such a good idea, because the deca and the primo wont kick in untill week 3-5. U said that the most gains will come the first 4 weeks, but I don't think so. Especially not with a dosage that low(the dosage U wrote).

Do U have anythink to say about this, Mr. Roberts and Pat of course…

Keep in mind that the dosages I wrote were only exapmles. It’s really the proportions that matter.
Bulking vs. cutting really depends on the drugs them selves. Deca nor Primobolan are bulking drugs, though you will gain wieght. Actually, your propensity to gain fat, as you explained, makes these drugs probably better than other choices you may have. I would still stick with the shorter cycle, I just think they work better. You tend to suffer from exponentially diminishing returns after 4 weeks because your receptors are saturated. Perhaps, if you can get your hands on it, may want to do a few weeks of high dose Winstrol. This will help you keep gains (so does Primo by the way) as well as get you lean. Just a thought. Happy cycling!

pat what if a fellow had 50 tabs of just primo then.should it be taken evenly over four weeks or higher dose at start then taper.and what is your guess as far asweight gain for those four weeks.one more question,what if i took tribex or zma or both with this primo cycle.the reason being i am in canada and i can’t get the good stuff i don’t think?“ie androsol”

Do the primo, there is nothing worse than having “Deca dick”