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Primo Only Cycle

Anyone ever done a Primo only cycle, say at a gram a week for 8-10 weeks? Please share your expierence, positives, negatives. There is some appeal to not worrying about estrogen and Anti-E’s and AI’s.

Thanks for any input.

I would atleast stack in with winistrol. You still don’t have to worry about any aromatization. 1 gram a week is decently high but primo is pretty weak. I dont have any personal experience with it but i think your gains may be minimal with primo by itself.

just make sure your primo is real…probably the most counterfitted roid out there right now. i’ve seen a lot of fakes personally. be careful.

At that dose it really dosn’t matter you will grow if your diet and traing is on point. To cut costs however, you could try using proviron or masteron to make the primo more bioavailable at the AR therefore reducing the amount of primo you need. However this is completely up to you as 1 gram of primo will do the trick. - just buy it from a reputable UG lab, as you have a better chance of getting the legit product than if you buy it in amps

what is the dosage of winstrol if one combines it with primo(on an average? also how would one combine the two, for example: 100ml of primo everyday and 25ml of winstrol ed(injected or a pill)…is that okay? any help will be appreciated…thanx