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Primo: Low Dose Cruise vs High Dose Blast?

Hey there,
I recently opened a thread regarding Primobolan and what the best way to run it was. Many people agreed that running lower test (200-300 mg/week) along with high Primo (800mg/week) will yield the best results.

I am wondering if anyone has first hand experience of blasting this compound versus running it at lower doses atop TRT (i.e. 140mg/week of both compounds for an extended amount of time). Im worried of the potential hair-loss/kidney impairment and running such high doses of Primo.

I also have only run one cycle of 300mg/week testosterone and am otherwise on 140mg/week of TRT. Is the doses that most people reccomend too high for a beginner to anabolics?

Lastly, I get my blood-work taken every 6 months for TRT and my next scheduled labs are in 3 months. Im wondering if id be able to blast leading up to those labs and whether or not the Primo will effect my bloodwork in any majorly noticeable way… maybe I could use my approach (low dose along with TRT) leading up to the bloodwork and then blast it after I get my labs done.
Let me know what you guys think.

@theleangentleman on instagram if youd like to see my current physique.

Thanks all!

All things being equal, primo is probably the safest compound you can run within the world of steroids. Based on your ludicrous physique you’re like the prime candidate for primo. Go over to Reddit and check out the “compound experience” threads regarding primo. Almost every person with a primo story tells of how it’s tree of side effects but unfortunately has to be run higher than most other drugs.

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Iv run primo at low dose of 300per week for around 10 weeks and seen pretty good results this was along side test E, 400mg
You would be suprised you dont need as much as people think sometimes to get a good affect, ofcoures you not gonna put on 5kg of muscle but you will definitely see the difference even at 300mg per week,


Wpuld you see any harm in running it at lower dose (140 mg/week atop my 140mg/week TRT) just as an extra little boost until I get my next set of bloods and then I can blast. Im just trying to reap the most benefits of my hard training at the moment. Maybe itll also be good for seeing how I react to the compound vefore blasting it.

No harm in doing it that way, aside from it being a costly addition to your current trt. As a way to assess tolerance and such I could be convinced that it makes sense. But from a results standpoint I wouldn’t expect much. But if you’ve got the money and want to really explore it then I say go for it.

I’m in a different position in that I have the money to run it and I have the source, but I’m hesitating to add it because I don’t know how I feel about getting on and blasting for 14-16 weeks. Some days it just all feels futile and I cannot justify the cost. Never mind me, I’m just grumpy this morning.

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How do you maintain such a low bf%?

I have a very fast metabolism, train hard, and count/track my calories to the tee. I currently eat 4500 cals/day and thats been keeping me at maitenance. Its all about monitoring yourself in the mirror… if you want to look leaner, adjust the calories. Keep adjusting and monitor your weight every morning after you pee until your either losing weight, gaining, or maintaining based off of your goals (and do it based off the weekly average weight) e.g. dont keep adjusting the calories daily, keep it constant for a week and see how your weight is trending.

Genetics… sorry not discounting hard work but for some its much easier than others.

Hi Lean just curious as to your trt protocol . What is your injection frequency and what type of ester are you using ? Any AI?

What supplements are you currently using? Your vascularity is incredible so wondering if you are using anything to achieve that .

Congrats on a great physique btw . I’m aiming to get to your bf Level’s and would greatly appreciate the advice


Injecting 140mg/week Test Cyp, no AI, every 3.5 days. This brings my levels to roughly 1200 ng/dL on my trough. Currently only supplementing with fish oil, D3, and creatine. I appreciate your compliment on my physique! I contribute a large portion of my vascularity to genetics though.

Ok thanks very much for the response

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Ronnie Coleman is also cream of the crop regarding genetics. Whether his cardiac health is in check is debatable as he hasn’t released records. How do we know he hasn’t had a stent put in? How do we know he doesn’t have CHF (being treated with beta blockers, ARB/Ace inhibitors etc)? Granted he’s had a ton of surgery recently, I’d think they’d be more conservative regarding putting him under if he had CHF.

Some guys can get away with high dosages, as I’ve said it’s Russian roulette. Looking at the data in relation to cardiac pathology induced via AAS, semi chronic use appears to induce a reversible state of cardiac enlargement. Chronic, high dosage use appears to induce deleterious cardiac enlargement to a differing degree based upon individualistic susceptibility. Looking at the box plots from some of these studies it’s evident some subjects don’t appear to have any detriment induced whereas others have full blown CHF.

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Thank you so much for responding to all of my questions. The main reason I’m so keen on still doing this is because I plan to start modeling next year and I want to add some lean mass beforehand… I am still super concerned about my health and specifically my heart, but I still can’t seem to be able to gage how “at risk” I am. I know that the bottom line is AAS aren’t safe no matter who is taking them. But @unreal24278, would you say that as of now, is there anything that points to AAS for being the main reason that my heart has grown? Isn’t it just expected for athletes that workout very intensely like myself? Say for example I continue through with my cycle (100mg/week test, 400mg/week primo), my heart enlarges a slight amount, then I never blast again and just continue TRT at 140mg/week… would you say that falls into the semi chronic use and is reversible? Also I know you are knowledgable on AAS, do you know of any evidence pointing towards a safer dosage scheme when cycling (would you say there is any safer alternative way to use 6000mg of Primo than the cycle I have planned). (Disclaimer: this is all hypothetical and made up)

I don’t feel comfortable answering that question as I don’t wish to be held liable for any potentially detrimental outcome stemming from your experimentation, I’m not a doctor thus my opinion shouldn’t be held with high regard when in relation to a situation like this. This is an individualistic decision to make, your cardiac hypertrophy doesn’t appear to be maladaptive in nature, however it’s well known AAS induce cardiac hypertrophy and attenuate cardiac hypertrophy induced via exercise. Had you gotten an echocardiogram prior to using AAS (but after weight training) you’d have a clearer picture in relation to the exact variable of which has induced your cardiac hypertrophy.

Yes, but only to a certain extent. Aside from seriously competitive athletes (top level triathletes, cyclists etc who train like 5 hours daily) most athletes develop cardiac adaptations but still have cardiac parameters that fit within the realms of normality. A small portion (say 10% or whatever arbitrary number) develop cardiac dimensions that exceed the upper limitations of normal (sometimes far exceeding). Certain differentiations can be made regarding how to distinguish athletes heart vs malignant cardiomyopathy.

  • parameters with athletes heart tend to return to normality following de-conditioning
  • LV filling tends to be abnormal in maladaptive cardiomyopathy
    and so on/so forth

Have you ever had a stress test?

Yes, the lower the dosage the safer the cycle. The shorter the duration the safer the cycle. Limit the use of c17AA compounds, don’t use tren etc (it’s all common sense). Have you tested the primobolan to ensure it’s legitimacy. Methenolone tends to be cut/faked with low dose testosterone, drostanolone or even boldenone.

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thanks to more plates more dates on youtube i will share this info. research has shown that after 6 weeks in a steroids cycle the gains are miniscule. after 6 weeks the body adapts to the new hormone situation to create a new homeostasis. so basically, after 6 weeks you would need to double your dosage to take the next step in gains. or just quit for 6 weeks and then start another cycle. it takes 5 weeks for the body to return to baseline. so 6 on and 6 off seems ok, if you are not taxing your body too much.

I know I am talking with you on your other thread, but I think this applies to very developed individuals who are past their genetic limits.

i am not sure. i only remember the creator saying “6 weeks” and referring to a study that involved more than one commonly used PED. what you say makes sense. but i am not sure. I wonder if anyone can answer your hypothesis factually or convincingly.

It’s total bullshit. If that were true then you’d have stopped making gains on your trt six weeks after you reached a relatively stable level. If it were true nobody would run long esters or long cycles. Everyone would just do test prop at 100mg/d for six weeks and then cruise, repeating that blast every two months. There is a limit and myostatin is real, but it’s not six weeks.

It also takes 5 weeks for your test levels to peak on a blast (taking Cyp or Enth), so right when you’re at the highest point of serum TT you quit? Idk doesn’t sound efficient to me.

I saw the video you’re referencing, and I don’t think he came to the conclusion that everything after six weeks is pointless.

he did come to that conclusion. he said the gains taper offer dramatically after 6 weeks. i am confused right now. because what you are saying makes sense, and what he did was refer to research facts. so it seems there is a contradiction, but of course (or probably) there is not a contradiction but instead, a lack of understanding of how the hormone system works in it’s process of achieving homeostasis.

remember, he said that after 6 weeks you have increase your dosage to offset the new homeostasis. he suggested doubling the dosage.