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Primo instead of Test for TRT

So I’ve just started my next blast, I frontloaded 1000mg of Primo and the change in my physique is amazing in just a week.

I’m thinking this is going to be a good cycle, it was supposed to be the following:

150mg Test E per week (TRT)
100mg Test Prop per week
600mg Primo

I have been researching primo for a while and I am seeing that it is almost side effect free. I can get it at a decent price so I am thinking to blast it at 1000mg per week for ~10 weeks.

So far I have needed no AI or SERM so my test is low enough.

Now the reason for this post is, I have read somewhere and it peaked my interested, some people have been doing Primo at a low dose of around 200mg/pw as a replacement for test on TRT. I know it does not convert to Oestrogen, so there would be a lack but these guys dont seem to be having a problem.

Anyone have any experiences with anything like this? Using primo doesnt make it TRT but since Primo is fairly side free, I think it would be something worth considering for me, someone who suffers from bad mood swings with Test/E ratios.


I find it hard to believe that one can take primo in the place of test for an extended period of time. If I recall correctly you’re the gentleman who has had great results with very low doses of test and mast, right? If so then I imagine you’ll have great success with low test and high primo. But primo alone? I’m dubious until I see some evidence that it can work well long term in the absence of exogenous test.

That is I. I do have good results with low dose Test/Mast but even then, I am not happy with the highs and lows I got on a weekly basis.

Have you got hands on experience with high dose Primo? Because from what I’ve seen so far, it seems epic. I look full as hell and I seem to be leaning out everyday.


Sadly I do not have any experience. I had the opportunity to get my ha dad on enough primo to do a serious and long run, but I didn’t trust the source enough to take the risk. Since then I’ve found a reputable source, but the price is just prohibitively expensive. I make a good living but I cannot justify the $1,000 that it would cost to do it. But I want to. I’m jealous that you get the chance and I’m sure it’ll be impressive.

Ah no worries. I’m pretty lean already so I’m excited to see what this cycle will do. But the main thing that appeals to me is the lack of mental sides. I have a really sensitive mind, maybe bordering bipolar (not diagnosed) so if I could find something to grow on and have no mental sides, I’d have hit the jackpot.

Anyone else who has experiences with Primo I would love to hear.


Primo for HRT does sound legit but I’d still supplement either pregnenolone or DHEA, or inject HCG to keep LH receptors happy (they’re all over the body) and get some cholesterol > pregnenolone conversion (which may eventually lead to some E2)

Get bloods done and keep a log! This could be super interesting.

If you plan to do this for very extended periods of time I’d always suggest minimalist doses of Test (50 mg/wk or so) alongside HCG for physiological reasons > downstream metabolites of Test and DHT have their own roles and you don’t get them from Primo. This would also apply if one wants to run Tren and probably holds true for Deca or Trestolone.

Thank you for your reply.

I agree, I would probably run a natural dose of Test with it around 50mg/wk as you suggest or a low enough dose to not mess with my mind/mood.

The HRT doses will have to wait however, until March. I am looking to do a mens physique show at the end of March so I will now be bulking for 8 weeks and then starting my 8 week cut into the show.


Alright!!! Keep me updated on the competition prep!!! I’m rooting for you, have you competed before?

I have indeed. In 2015, if you look through my old posts you will find my prep log.

The difference is, I was natty and hit the stage at 73kg LOL! Even then, I still did will. I made top 15 out of 47 competitors in a really poorly organised show. So with AAS this time and currently sitting at 90kg, im hoping to hit the stage at least 22lbs heavier.

Oh, and also since then I’ve turned vegetarian and before anyone asks, I hit +200g of protein a day and its the biggest and leanest I’ve ever been.


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alright good luck to you! I’ll do some extra primo-only research.

I’m considering a vegetarian diet myself. Eggs and goat/sheep dairy instead of fish or meat… I’m sure it could work. Not keen on legumes and grains but it doesn’t matter, fruit and tubers never seem to get old.

Thank you tontongg!

I look forward to hearing what you find on Primo-only/primo-low test.

Going vegetarian was the best decision I made for my digestion, meat just didnt agree with me and it took me 25 years to figure out it was the cause of my “IBS” and constant stomach problems.

I initially kept eggs in my diet, but I personally dislike them so its been about a year since I dropped those too. I get my protein from beans, legumes, dairy and 1 shake a day. Also some Quorn products. Its easy, just requires more planning.


Considering I have the show in 16 weeks, what do you guys think of adding in EQ for 12 weeks?

Thinking to drop the test to ~100mg, I am really starting to dislike Test.


How much EQ?

Probably around 400mg. Have used that dose before and it worked pretty well.


I say go for it. 12 weeks is a shorter run for EQ, but you’ve demonstrated that you’re pretty good at knowing what your body needs. Have you considered some form of nandrolone for this cycle or is that not on the menu?

Deca killed my dick for 18months back when I was in my early twenties, ever since then I’m scared to run any Nandrolone again.

I thrive off Tren but just recently I’ve started experiencing its hairloss and its not cool with me so thats out too (hence the switch to Primo).

I have actually been reading all day today about no-test cycles and I am very interested. I’m seeing so many people saying they feel shit on Test and I can relate. Some are also saying their balls return to normal coming off test but staying on other AAS. I might even drop test totally in this cycle.


Everyone’s body is a little different and it’s all about finding what works for you. Trust yourself—like you have for all these successful years—and I would bet that you won’t go wrong.

Totally agree. I’m just going to try different things. I think our bodies change over time too, I think back now and wonder how I used to tolerate 800mg of Test/pw, where now 200mg feels like too much.

Ive dropped my test to 100mg/wk. So below is current cycle:

50mg Test Prop/wk
50mg Test E/wk
750mg Primo/wk
100mg Mast/wk
30mg Tbol/day
No nolva, no AI


So far so good with the cycle. Had the most epic calf cramps ever the other day though which hurt for a week after.

I think E may be slightly elevated so may look at a SERM or AI soon.

I may also add low dose Dbol around 10mg/d for the euphoria.


May I ask why 50mg test E and 50mg test prop? Why not just 100mg test E?