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Primo & Finasteride


Hey all. For the life of me I cant find anything intelligent to read on the effects of taking a mild cycle of Primobolan ( 200mg/week) and using either finasteride or Dutasteride (avodart) to fight hair loss. My confusion lies in the fact that Skeletal muscles don't really contain DHT, it's just tissues like the prostate and scalp that need attention. But Fina and Dut affect total blood serum levels of DHT so I'm assuming ( which not something I've ever been willing to do with AS) that taking a 5ARI while on a DHT-derived steroid like Primo will negate the effects of this already mild substance. I'm real hesitant about decca, even though its the safest for hair, because I take Fina for MPB already and if I go on a Decca cylce I'd have to stop the Fina for a few months and then my hair would probably fall out anyways no? Right now I have a full head but I'm pretty sure it's mainly because of the Fina and dut that I cycle every 6 months.

I'm not looking for huge mass now. I just need a bit of a muscle boost and help keeping BF levels low while bulking on an otherwise normal ( non-competition) program. I've never tried Primo but it's supposed to be the safest, mildest non-aromatizing AS out there. That's what I'm looking for:Something that will help build and define with MINIMAL risks. I'm not a competitor but my body is important to me. I got pretty big without AS but I'm ready for more. The only thing that I'm concerned with is is this drugs known propensity to accelerate hair loss. I am prone to MPB but I take Fina or Dut for that. So far so good. I dont want to stop or do anything that's going to kill the hair. Like it or not, I'm into this whole thing for looks and for feeling good about myself. Call it what you will.

I really hope there's someone out there who can give me some quality, intelligent, detailed information on Primo, the safest way to start and finish a cycle, how to prevent side effects i.e. hairloss and the best way to make moderate gains and KEEP them!



If you can't find anything intelligent on this about primo,You didn't look very far.



There's a ton of good stuff about Primo on this site. I just couldnt find anything that specifically talked about taking primo and Finasteride at the same time.

thanks for the reply asshole.
You should look into changing your name though. It could get confusing.


Finasteride only works when using testosterone, methyltestosterone, and halotestin.


What the hell are you talking about? Finasteride is a hair loss drug. The question is whether its action on DHT will negate gains from steroids. I'm sure there are guys who take Propecia who have done steroid cycles. Maybe Primo. Hopefully they'll speak up. Or Cy or Anthony. To the original poster, you might want to PM either. Let us know what they say.


I know. I was saying in regards to preventing hair loss or reducing hair loss from steroids the only steroids that finasteride will be effective for using it for this purpose are testosterone, methyltestosterone, and halotestin. But obviously nothings guaranteed.


Finasteride really crushed my sex drive for a while. I hate that shit.


Ah, I gotcha. As far as I know, primobolan wasn't a steroid that was particularly associated with hair loss anyhow. One of the safer ones in fact. But I could be wrong. But you are saying that finasteride wouldn't further prevent it while on. You're probably right. I woudln't know.


But the other question is if finasteride would hurt gains from steroids. That, I don't know. Anyone know?


Can't answer that from my personal experience but from friends who have run finasteride at higher doses during cycles, they did report that their gains slightly slowed down once they started taking it. One of them also said it killed his libido.


thanks all. Sorry for being just another dumb noob. I hate jagoffs like me. I've rounded a new corner in my research. OT looks like a better choice. The dosages in the original German reports never really go above 20 mg's though. Plus they taper up and down at the beginning and end. Finasteride will probably be effective with OT since it's similar in composition to test right?

I'll be taking about 20 mg ED for 6-8 weeks and using Nolva 20 mg for 2 weeks pct. I'm thinking of 5mg of Nolva ED during the cycle too just to be ultra safe.
Do you recommend anything to re-start endogenous test with something like HCG or Tribulus pct?

Thanks all. I really appreciate the time you all have taken to bust this around for a bit. I've just PM'd Anthony. I worked on the message for a while so as not to seem like too much of a tool. I'll let you all know what he says... if anything.





Yeah. I guess it does kill sex drive for some people. It doesn't for me. I take it to prevent thinning hair. It works damn well. Why were they running it at higher doses? For prostate issues? I think the recommended is 5mg for that. To prevent/reverse hair loss, it's 1mg.