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Primo/Equipoise Cycle(s) ?


My question is whether or not I should break the Primo and EQ into two cycles, or keep it combined as one. I am going to be running 10 weeks at 400mg/wk for each. I will not be running any test except for some store bought
MHP T-Bomb II test booster which prob does very little for ya anyways. Thanks for ur input


why are'nt you including test?you could get some with the money your gonna spend on the "store bought test" and i'am currently on eq and it just kicked in 2 weeks ago(week 7)reason i know is because i wanna eat everything i see especially donuts anyways you need to run it at least 12 weeks dont wanna sound like a pretentious dick but maybe you need to read about aas a bit more try going through some of these posts there's great info
goodluck bro


Why will you not be running any test?
And yes that test booster is a waste to take during your cycle. Save it and incorporate it into your pct to possibly aid in recovery.


So you intend to use an OTC "test booster" instead of one of the esters while using two somewhat advanced compounds by themselves? To be perfectly honest, that is one of the most asinine things I have ever heard. Just like lu79 said, you gotta do more research man. To be perfectly honest, this sounds like your first cycle and if that is the case, you could run test by itself.