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Primo EQ Stack on TRT

Hey guys. New subscriber here. I’m a 36 year old guy who’s been training for 12 years now. I work shift work and was recently put on trt due to low test levels from my work schedule and job stress. I’m taking 200mg a week of test Cypionate and 12.5iu of hcg twice a week. I’m starting a stack of 200mg a week of primo and 600mg a week of eq. I’ve read that the primo is a low dose but since I’m stacking with eq and I’m not looking to get huge would that stack be a good clean low risk stack? I couldn’t find any info on a stack at the dosage. Any help would be appreciated.

Test and EQ together are my favs. Sorry I can’t help with the Primo.

I havent run anything like this but I know @physioLojik is an advocate of Test + EQ. Swears by it in fact. I’m about to run my first Test only cycle to see the effects and results of that but I want to run Test + EQ as my next blast.

EQ is good stuff! My first stack was test and EQ, definitely got good gains. The 600 mgs a week is a good dosage. Depending on what your test will be you could go lower or even a little higher. I would recommend 12 plus weeks up to 15 weeks.

I wouldn’t try two new compounds for the first time together. As far as primo, 200 a week is probably not going to do much in the way of why guys take primo. Save the primo for your next stack and run it 500 a week to 700 ish.
Guys take primo because it helps definition, harden, and it helps keep muscle when dieting. The eq is going to give you all of that except the muscle preservation during hard dieting. Even then it will help preserve during diet.

Are you sure you are taking 12.5 ius of HCG and not 125ius? 12.5 is really low.

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