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Primo Enanthate or Acetate?

I have a question about my upcoming prep. This is my first prep and I really don’t have much knowledge when it comes to a cut/prep. I told my coach that tren was off the table as I don’t really respond very well to it (depression) and my old lady will probably leave me lmao.

So any ways he’s throwing primo into the mix. I can get both primo enanthate (oil) and primo acetate (oral) and he wants me taking the acetate. I was just wondering to see what you guys think. My only concern is I will also be running winny and var and throwing another oral into the mix seems a little excessive but again I don’t know much about prepping. Just looking for a second opinion I guess…

I’d get the oil and you can just front load it if you’re cycle is short. Less chance for side effects.

Real injectable primo is really expensive, and it’s often faked.

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Thanks for the reply!

Source is legit. Price isn’t too bad. It’s going to be a 16 week cut. What would front loading look like? I’m familiar with the practice just not too familiar with the compound or dosages.

If your cycle is 16 weeks, then no need to frontload.

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Oral is borderline worthless unless you’re taking out a mortgage or doing g4p on the side in order to pay for it. The dose you’d need is massive vs enanthate injected. Oral bioavailability is maybe ~20-25% (that’s the best estimate I’ve seen) which means 600mg of primo e per week equals ~2,400 of ace, or 340mg/d. I’ve never heard of anyone going over 250mg/d though. Now those numbers won’t be spot on, and your reaction to ace wouldn’t track mg for mg. But the big picture is that oral ace is vastly more expensive than enanthate oil when you consider bang for your buck. As far as it being oral while you’re running two others, that’s not a concern. Oral primo is not methylated (which is one of the reasons bioavailability is poor) so it’s not like you’re hurting your liver by taking it. It’s just not practical, unless you’re getting huge amounts of raws.

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Awesome, thank you for the reply iron! I did look and saw that it wasn’t 17-a-alkylated I just got a little uneasy with the idea of running three orals at once and wanted to consult someone with more knowledge than me.

So just run the enanthate instead, got it. Rather expensive compound either way, do you think it gets its bang for the buck?

I’ll be running EQ, Test C/P, the Primo, Mast (you think prop or enanthate?), Var, Winny and T3/4 and Clen.

Be careful pairing the mast and EQ. With EQ’s AI properties and mast’s ability to mask e2 symptoms you’ll need to make sure your test is high enough to keep from crashing.

What dose of primo are you thinking?

Tbh with you this is going to be my first prep and I haven’t got the cycle plan from my coach yet. This is my first time working with a coach because of my inexperience with prepping. I have a decent amount of experience with bulking but I’m hoping to start med school next year ( I’m 29 btw) so I wanted to do a real prep before I don’t have the necessary time to dedicate to a full regimen.

Like I said I haven’t got the plan from him yet but I can’t imagine him putting me over 400mg/wk.