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Primo, Effects on Hair

bros i read many posts in several forums included this and still i am unclear about the effects that real primobolan has on the hairline.

i know that all the gear can affect the hairline for people who is prone but i also know (i did few cycles) that turinabol, anavar, deca and equipose with a strong anti-hairloss stack do not cause hairloss.

now what about primobolan, has someone prone to hairloss try primo? and what were the effects on the hair?


i have no problem with my primo (i have used it only one at 200mg twice per week) powered cycle.
However as you said if you are prone you get that side. I’m no prone to hair loss.

primo is a DHT based steroid so it will bin to the receptor but it causes a lot less hairloss than other DHTs such as Masteron.