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Primo Dosing, 600mg/wk?


m currently about to start a new 20 week cycle using Primobolan. I’m 100% confident that it is the real deal, texture of the oli, packaging, good source and labmax results are all good.

I have enough to run 600mg/ week for the next 20 weeks but I can get my hands on as much as I want really. Its expensive so I want to make sure i’m not wasting money but also want to get the most out of the next 20 weeks as I can. I hear people saying anything over 600mg/ week is money down the drain, others are saying 400mg/ week is adequate whilst others are saying 1g per week minimum. I am really struggling to understand why such a variance of opinion.

My Cycle looks like this so far

Weeks 1 to 20 - 600mg Primo
Weeks 1 to 5 - 60mg Tbol
Weeks 14 to 20 - 50mg Winstrol

I am on medically prescribed TRT running 1000mg of Nibedo every 6 weeks so I wont be adding any any extra test as i’m not wanting to screw with the protocol

I’d welcome any opinions or criticism of my cycle and would love to hear experience from others.

I don’t mean to be rude but i’m only really interested in hearing from those who have run or know those who have run REAL primobolan. Im not convinced that pharma grade and UGL primo can offer a like for like comparison.

Should I stick with the outlined cycle or just up it to 800 or even 1G per week


100% real deal… I hope you bought it from a pharmacy? Anything else is likely to be UGL, counterfeit.


As I said, I am 100% confident


You are probably going to have a hard time getting a response from people who have used pharma grade primo, as it isn’t available in most countries. Despite being one of the safest steriods with the least side effects, it isn’t considered to be a legitimate therapeutic chemical(probably due to its association with bodybuilding) in most countries these days.
I’d be very surprised if your TRT plus 600mg of genuine Primo(or any other injectable steroid) didn’t give you great results,and you might not even need that much for such a long cycle. Just try it, and adjust up or down if necessary.


Used Primo for about 3 months… great drug!! 600mg per week of real primo is awesome! You don’t need more…


How long do were you on before you started noticing it working? What
results did you get?


about 2 weeks… muscles were harder, better pumps and I got dry as fuck… but i was low bf… you notice primo (or any other drug) if you have low bf (around 8)… no retention, veins everywhere, but as I said, you need to be with low bf. Great drug… expensive, thats why I couldn’t continue using it… I’d use it forever!