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Primo + clomid?

As a non-aromatisable, non-toxic and very safe AS, Primo is a favoured choice by many. Yet I can’t help but wonder if it really is necessary to use Clomid after a Primo cycle after having read some articles by Bill Roberts stating that Primo won’t cause that much inhibition as other AS!? I have never read or heard about this from other articles or profiles. Does Primo really cause inhibition of own test production and is there really a need for Clomid post-cycle? Hopefully I have misunderstood, but any clarification on this matter is appreciated.


Bill Roberts says that at the 400mg/week level primo does not inhibit natural test. Unforunately, anything above that will start to inhibit your own test. You should use clomid after any cycle that goes beyond 2 weeks.

O.k., thanks for the reply Grant. So 400mg/week of Primo is the limit? A stack of Winstrol at 100mg/eod and 400mg/week of Primo would then necessitate Clomid both during and after the cycle, then?