Primo + Class II

Are there any Class II steroids that don’t suppress natural test and are not toxic to the liver? I want to stack it with primo which is a class I.

Even primo is suppresive. Maybe the least suppressive class II would be 4AD. But whatever you do, you’ll be suppressed. So you might want to search for threads on during and post cycle reovery practices like clomid and nolv or HCG while on only.

dbol is a good choice because it has such a short halflife (4-6hrs.) So when taken in the morning it will be outta your system by night and cause minimal HPTA disruption.

I am on clomid and use hcg @ 500mg on sat. & sun each week in the middle of the cycle.
I am still looking for a non-suppessive class II with no liver toxicity. If one exists.

Besides test there are not steroids that are class 2 and not liver toxic. however liver toxicity for most orals is much overstated. I recomend dbol, or winstrol. I must add though if you are taking hcg - it is suppressive in of itself in 2 ways: #1 it aromatises to estrogen which will occupy the ER at the htpa, #2 it mimics LH which will suppress your own production of LH. so basically you are out of luck. I recomend you run winstrol and primo and nolva or clomid. this should be a very low suppression cycle and give you decent gains. P-22