Primo bad for you?

Ran across this article that cites a study showing primo may have some unintended sideeffects. Comments?

"The study was called “Hormone replacement therapy for older men using testosterone enanthate or methenolone enanthate. (Int J Androl 2000 Jan;23(1):300-6).”

In this study 100mg per week of Primobolan was given via injection to 10 men aged 52-78 years old who were diagnosed as being low in testosterone (i.e. hypogonadal).

Testosterone enanthate was administered at the same dose and frequency to another group of hypogonadal men (n=9, aged 54-77 years old). Both groups got these doses for 8 weeks. The researchers looked body composition (measured by DEXA scan), mood (sense of well-being), sexual activity, libido, and check both groups prostates pre and post treatment… They also looked at both groups testosterone levels, estradiol (estrogen) levels, and blood cholesterol levels.

Interestingly, they didn’t find significant changes in body composition (muscle mass, bodyfat, etc) in either group. More important perhaps, the group receiving the Primobolan reported a significant decrease in sexual activity and libido, and an increase in prostate size at the end of the study period, with a 73% decrease in serum estradiol relative to baseline.

Four weeks after the last dose, everything went back to Normal however, showing at least the effect was reversible. Things went much better for the testosterone group, as they had an increase in sexual activity and libido with no adverse effects found on any of the tested parameters. The researchers concluded that testosterone was clearly a superior choice for HRT in men with low testosterone levels, which really should come as no surprise to people.

Of course this study does not answer all questions, was not a large study (though there are others), was low dose, and only ran 8 weeks, but it does show that testosterone is not the big bad boogie man steroid the media would like us to believe it is and clearly has therapeutic uses for men.

this doesnt really sound ground breaking to me.

“Interestingly, they didn’t find significant changes in body composition (muscle mass, bodyfat, etc) in either group”

based on those dosages i could have told you that. the usual replacement dose for trt is 200mg per week.

the loss of libido seems to add to the theory that all cycles should be test based. we knew deca can cause this, perhaps primo is a culprit as well.

I think i have also heard that primo by itself will kill sex drive. I want to say that all drugs that aren’t testosterone esters when used alone will cause lowered libido but even from my own experience i don’t think thats true. Dbol always made me stupid horny. Kind of an interesting question but i agree this gives credence to the “run test with everything” school of thinking.

I’m just confused as to why Primobolan was used for HRT…??? Anybody else catch on to that?? Although it is a human grade drug, the profile of the steroid is not suited for HRT. Also, HRT stands for “Hormone Replacement Therapy”. To make my point more clear, Primobolan is not produced in our body…testosterone is. So why would you replace a hormone for therapy with a drug that does not apply?? I don’t believe that Primo is androgenic enough to cause any positive effects. And at 100mgs a week…you got to be kidding me. Horrible study.

Concur, horrible study. And the dosages are low. The study (if valid) makes a point of bad side effects of primo compared to test. That’s all I was concerned about.

I agree it was bad, but perhaps the goal was strictly to gain lbm without some of the sides that can accompany Test.

No the goal was hormone replacement.
And as stated the primo would not be androgenic enough to help with the physical dilapidation, and emotional stress caused by a lack of endogenous testosterone.
Primo is a great choice to ADD to testosterone ;-}

Ok, stroke of genius here fellas…we’ll do our own “HRT” test…BUT, we’ll all do Primobolan AND test cycles and give our results to the University when we’re done. Just as long as they pay for the cycle of course.

I’ve often thought about that. What would it take for one of us to start a study? Do we need an “MD” after our name? Could we talk to that guy at the University of Wisconsin that’s been in the news recently saying steroids are safe and the media is wrong and hyping the danger?

Who in their right mind would recommend primo as HRT? Never, never never follow a cycle that is comprised solely of highly anabolic/non-aromatizing products. Example, primobolan and oxandrolone. These combinations will damage your sex drive more than the thought of “Betty Weider in a G-string.”

Betty Weider!

Come on now. I certainly woulda hit Betty Weider 15-20 years ago. I won’t do anyone in Depends though.