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Primo and Test Enanthate

Would this be considered a good cut cycle, and what dosages would you guys recommend for the two. My goal would be to slowly put on mass, and at the same time really cut my bodyfat down. My stats right now are 185lbs at 11% BF and 5ft 11".

The last cycle I did was Tren/Test combo, and put on a ton of size and water weight. I jumped from 182 lbs to 216 lbs in roughly 3 months. My diet was and is super clean, so I am not sure why I retained so much water.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on the current primo/test cocktail.

must not have been tren or you ate like shit… thats my best guess

Where did all the gains go from your first cycle?

Your back at your pre cycle weight and want to cut, right?

Not being a dick but am I reading this right?

That is eactly what I am refering to, alot of water weight was gained and then came back off. I am a much bigger 185lbs this time round than before I started the last cycle. In my honest opinion, I did not look alot more muscular at 216, than at 185lbs after it dropped all off because all the water was gone and the muscle mass remained. What do you guys think from the pics below?

I am 216lbs here:


I am 185lbs here after it all:


My strength has not dropped of either, I maxed out at 385lbs raw on decline bench, and right now with the slingshot, I am sitting at a 1 rep max of 435lbs on decline.

Did you use an AI on your last cycle and what did your PCT consist of? Im just trying to figure out where 30lbs went, you were not carrying 6 gallons of extra water.

Tren is way better than primo. Primo is expensive and weak compaired to tren. I was you I would use tren again but thats me. What did you use for PCT? I agree maybe your AI was shitty if you had that much water or did you use one?

I have ran a few cycles and never lost all the wight I gained while on.

im not seeing much change… but the pics arent the same either…

I will check what my AI was called when I get home, it was a serum which I started using during tapering of the test, and continued with it for a month after I stopped pinning.

Glad you said that TY_TY, I just got a bigger version of my then current state. I was expecting a major body recomp due to my training history, clean diet and heavy lifting. I think when I got back to 185-190lbs, I looked bigger due to been drier.

Anyway, yes the primo is pretty pricey, but I started leaning towards that because I did not want to gain 30lbs again as I would be doing the same test again. I actually still have two bottles of tren left but have shy’d away from it.

If you never ran an AI during your cycle that would explain the water weight. sounds like you need to study up on the use of AI’s

stuff was called arimidex (anastrozole) serum as a AI. You guys heard of it?

Yes arimadex is what you should have been using it?s by no means to be used as a PCT. It is to be used while on cycle to eliminate estrogen. This probably explains all the water weight gain. This is very basic knowledge. You will have to do some research, tones of stuff out there about this. Read the AI SERM sticky at the top of the forms

thx man, what do you recommend for pct?