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Primo and Proprionate?

I ve been training for a year and a half now.for me i have made some decent improvements.about six months ago i took a course of 200 weekly primobolan.many say you have to take at least 400 but for me it worked.im looking for steady gains not necessarly fast gains.

now after a 4month break i m thinking of stacking 200 primo with 200 propiunate weekly…does primo go well with propiunate? Thanks for your opinions

I have run both drugs but not at the same time. Should be a decent combo.
The only down sides will be the frequency of injections, and the fact that both can sting quite a bit.
I do prop every second day, and primo E3D.

is that pretty standard for this cycle?


would doing both E3D really make that much of a difference? Seems like that would help to cut down on injections

Prop has a very short half life, so every 2nd day is optimum(some people do a little every day on cycle). Would every third day make a difference, all you could do is try it, and if you feel low at the start of day 3 then feedback is telling that you should inject more frequently.

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