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Primo and Anavar, HCG Required?


Hey guys!

I have run anavar only before at 40-50-60-70-80-90 ed with nolva 40-40-20-20 ed as PCT, no balls shrink and no side effects - except a little insomnia. Goal back then was just to gain a little more muscle and strength. That’s about 1½ years ago.

Last summer i tried to throw in some primo. 200mg/wk for 5 weeks alongside with 20mg anavar ed for 6 weeks - no PCT. Had absolutely no side effects what so ever, not even the insomnia. The goal here was just to cut down while keeping my gains. I just loved this cycle, even though i know 5 weeks isn’t much of anything (neither 200mg/Wk) lol.

So, this time i was thinking about running anavar for 6 weeks at 40mg/ed and primo at 400mg/wk for 7 weeks - with nolva as PCT for 4 weeks (40-40-20-20 ed) again. Goal would be cutting down again while building a little muscle (or atleast just maintain).

My question is, would i need HCG for this cycle? I was so convinced i didn’t need HCG (since my last 2 cycles were fine, but i’ve read in other forums that HCG is needed for longer cycles. Is 7 weeks long enough to require PCT? Even given my prior experience with nolva only as PCT?

Oh, and here are some stats: 21 years old, 87,5kg (aiming to hit 80kg at the end of my cut - already lost 2,5kg), 174cm and about 14-15% BF.



weird… i could get 3 test-based cycles for the cost of one primo/anavar cycle. that’s a lot of money for not very many gains…

yes, you need a PCT. just run Nolva for 20 mg/day for 6 weeks after your cycle…


At 21 all you are doind is replacing your natural production at those doses. Shutting yourself down and risking perminate hpta damage. Make it worth wild of you are taking the risk man. I dont recomend anyone at 21 doing a cycle. Your brain is still developing at that age and AAS can have perminant effects. Buuuut, since you have already taken the plunge, well, like i said, do it right. Take at least a replacement dose of test (100-200mg) ew and primo shines at 600mg imo. And run at least 10 weeks. 12 is standard for long esters because they dont even really kick in untill week 4. Im surprised you even got results from previous runs with those doses. Maybe a good pump but i bet you would have made same results staying natural.

Can I maybe talk you into an alternate plan? 50mg clomid ed with 12.5mg aromasin eod and mk677 on top. 6-8 weeks. Much safer for your age. You will love it and not put your hpta thru the ringer. Wait till your 25 and then do a test only cycle. 500mg ew so you can dial in your AI and build upon it in fallowing cycles.


I think you’re a little late on your advise if you’re trying to change his mind on his cycle, lol


Where is the test? Very low I think… man… use everything for PCT, Nolva, Clomid, HCG, ohhh. God. Why don’t you try some testosterone? I know some
girls that is doing your cycle…
Yes, HCG is required, and I would say, do it during your cycle, so you don’t fuck up you test…

for men cycle, TESTOSTERONE = BASE. You can do it without test, but it sucks… won exp and many, many others…