Primo + Anavar + Test E - First Ever Cycle

Hello guys,
I’m really happy to join this amazing library of knowledge that is T Nation, I have found lots of posts/threads here but still nowhere near to say I’m confident enough in what I’m doing or if I’m even doing the right thing so please bear with me.

A little background about me, I’ve been a natural guy for all my life, I’ve started lifting since I was 15, nothing competitive, just for fitness and health sake, so lifting has always been part of my life,I’m 31 years old at the moment, I was always a hard gainer and I have a smaller frame by just being 5’ 4" my weight is around 145 pounds at the moment dropped from 153, I had a car accident 2 years ago and my right hand suffered a lot and had 3 surgeries to repair it, so I was basically left me with no proper exercise for that time and I gained around 15 pounds of fat, which I dropped around 8-9 pounds last month thanks to keto diet and cardio, so I’m leaner but some muscle was gone with that.

Now getting back on topic why did I decide to start using some gear? well I’ve always wanted to try them, see what my body was really capable of, but always backed off, finally decided to bite the bullet, and got for myself the following:

  • 2 vials of primobolone 100mg/ 1 ml
  • 1 bottle of 100 pills of Oxandrolone,10 mg each
  • 1 vial 300mg/ 1 ml of testosterone enanthate

Why I decided to go with this? upon my personal research, I found out that Primo and Anavar are really “safe” and not that harsh on the body (which was my primary concern) while providing good “dry” gains and shedding that last bit of fat that I’m carrying.
Adding Test E looked like a good idea for gaining more mass and read about several people running this cycle, although I expect that there’s no 2 bodies that work the same.

As for diet and exercise, they have been both dialed in by a nutritionist and my coach, but the PED side is not yet all that clear to me on what should I do, I want to linger on the “safer” side by being this my first ever encounter with anabolics than pretty much obsessing on masssive gains and the super hero body.

So far I started this week (Sunday to be precise) by taking the following:

  • 1 shot of 150 mg of Primobol, planning to do 300mg per week divided on 2 shots with 5 days spacing in between doses

  • Planning on 280mg-300 mg per week of Test E divided in 2 shots, with 5 days between doses

  • Taking 15mg of Anavar daily

As for other supplements I’m taking:

  • Omega 3,6,9 complex twice a day

  • B complex vitamins twice a day

  • 5 gram serving of creatine (Using Mutant Creakong, did a loading phase of 20g per day for 5 days)

  • 700mg TUDCA and 300mg Milk Thistle extract for liver protection

Also I have several questions on PCT therapy, I purchased the following:

  • 20mg Tamoxifen, research suggested 1 pill a day starting on week 3 to 7

  • 5000UI Pregnyl, half dose 1 week after completing the cycle and second dose 2 days later

The only bloodwork I’ve done was a full panel blood test which all parameters were within range
and total Testosterone levels ( which came out at 6.76 ng/mL) and total estrogens which came out at 52.06 pg/ml (suggested range was 0 to 50 so don’t know if I’m a little high on estrogen)

So to summarize all this I intend to use the above for 7 weeks, other than you guys say otherwise or my dosage is too low or I won’t see any gains from this, as I said I want to gain some volume (don’t know what real expectations from this cycle would be) lose the remaining body fat I have on my abdominal area, gain some strenght that luckily I can keep post cycle and of course to look better, but as I said I’m a little concerned about side effects so want to keep things gentle on the body, at least this first cycle and then get more blood tests done ( please also recommend what tests should I look after post or during cycle)

well so that’s pretty much it guys, thank you soo much for all the patience and help, as you can see I’m a little lost so that’s why I’m looking for all your valuable knowledge.

  • Ricardo.

If you really want help, post a picture. No faces.

This is unlikely.

so is it 300mg every 5 days or every week?

Can you explain your reasoning behind 7 weeks?

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Ricardo, you may want to do some research about primo. It’s pretty useless in small doses, but more importantly it takes awhile to shine. Seven weeks for a long estered cycle is simply substandard. Long ester cycles need to be run 10+ weeks and with thing like primo or EQ even longer. I won’t give specific advice as it’s not my place to coach PED use. Take my comments and do some googling.


Put the Primo and the Var in a nice, dark drawer and forget you have them.

Take the Testosterone at 300mg/week for 12-16 weeks.



Hello Andrew,
Thanks for all your help, here are some pics after I ended up the keto I lost 13 punds to be precise, I stil have a lot of fat on the belly area that I want to get rid,
as for the dosage for primo, I planned to use 300mg each week, divided in 150mg per shot every 5 days, as for the reasoning been reading a lot, one article suggested that short cycles betwen 7-10 weeks are still effective and chances of side effects are lower, but still trying to manage or decide what’s best for dosage and lenght as I don’t have much of a clue

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Hello Shaw,
Thanks for your help, well I took this as a small guide for dosage

and also this youtube video suggest around 400mg of primo per week :confused:


Hey swoops,
Thanks for this suggestion, seems ok, maybe I can sell the other Primo vial and the Oxa pills, how would the PCT look on this simpler cycle, considering what I already have for PCT, will something work from there?

Thank you

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  • I am not too optimistic that AAS is the way to venture with no more muscular development than you have.
  • I don’t know how limiting your car accident currently has on your potential progress.
  • You have expressed desire for AAS use guidance, but have you critiqued your training and diet?
  • You do not look strong at all. How strong are you?
  • You have assessed yourself as a hard gainer, so it looks like you have a good grasp of reality.

I’d like to see you get on a good program to optimize muscle gain naturally before adding AAS into the mix.

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I think the people here are being to gentle with comments. You look like someone who never touched a barbell in his life. You have no business, no reason to even think about steroids. Period.


Ugh finally someone else can be the bad guy here!

@R1CKSO you aren’t in the realm of muscular development that screams “i need steroids to get bigger”.
Fix your diet, sleep, and training. Do that for 2 years, and see how much progress you’ll make - it will astound you.

I trained for 15 years before touching AAS, even then - only at TRT doses. You need more skin in the game, my friend. Now if you want help with diet, sleep, and training - I’m here for it; but if you just want the easy button - I’m out.

Progress on steroids often masks a shitty foundation of Sleep, Training and Nutrition. If and when all 3 are dialed in and you’re no longer making notable progress - I’ll support the decision to start juicing. Thank you for posting pictures, but they do indeed tell me you have not built up your foundation (yet).


You have a good physique for your age compared to average, but at the same time it doesn’t warrant using steroids.

There is a difference between training and working out / exercising. The latter isn’t bad for staying in shape or general fitness. The former is needed for all but the genetic elite to make noteworthy gains.

I am not trying to sound condescending. This is a very common issue for people who have trouble gaining.

Just my two cents, but this type of attitude towards training and steroids don’t go together. The type of person that would be training their legs, training their left side and figuring out how to train the right side, are the type of people that get good results using steroids.

This is harsh, but I think it’s true. Fwiw, I think most people would do what you did. That’s fine. I just don’t think they are ready to use gear.

It’s good your hand is better. Sorry that happened. I’d recommend you train for awhile then come back once you’ve improved on muscle/strength.

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Thank you. Holy moly.