Primo + Anavar Blast on TRT

I have hit so many plateaus on my training and after 3 years of training without roids i’m thinking of this first cycle. I am at %16-17 body fat , 79kgs , 37y/o. I did discuss this cycle with a couple of users here but wanna hear other opinions if possible.

TRT 135mg weekly
Weeks 1-16 400mg Primo
Weeks 8-14 25mg or 50mg Anavar

This isn’t for cutting btw but if everything goes to plan i’ll also do this exact cycle when i’m cutting.


  1. Is 25mg Anavar enough for a noticeable strength boost?

  2. Should i consider anything else instead of Anavar for strength? Like Tbol or Anadrol? (I have little to moderate knowledge of which compound does what)

Double the anavar. And have enough primo on hand to increase to 600/w if you don’t have any side effects by week six.

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You mean i should go with 50mg anavar right?

Just for education , does tbol , anadrol , dbol and anavar all offer strength?

What is the no.1 compound when one needs strength gains?

For strength it would be in this order:

  1. Anadrol
    1a. Dbol
  2. Anavar
  3. Tbol