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Primo Advice

Hello friends
This will be my 6th cycle. I am 41, 5"6 175 10% bf. I did my first show in October and placed 4th(physique)dexter Jackson. I have my gear for my next run in July and need some advice. Here is my plan and I’m curious when you suggest I do my primo and var.
Test/eq (Geneza)400- 18 weeks front loaded 800 first week
Dbol-:50 mg first 4 weeks taken preworkout
Proviron- (25mg) taken ed for 80 days(because I have 80 of them)
Arimedex- I have plenty. Some runs I have done .25 ed- would you suggest same for this run.

I have (4) primobolan 100 ml vials(biomex) I planned 2 pin twice a week in my test eq pin(400 week) for 10 weeks. I know many say more is needed of primo but it’s all I have and I want to do it.
I have 100 20 mg anavar- I planned 50 mg for 7 weeks.

Where in the 18 week test eq would you use the primo for 10 weeks and would you agree running anavar at last 7 weeks is best? I really appreciate your guys help.

Its said that anavar shoulder be run at as high andose as possible as long as posible. 100/120 mg. I think you’d see better results doing 80 mg a day for four weeks then otherwise. Abd run it at the end of cycle to dry up

ok i can run the anavar at a higher dosage for shorter period of time at the end. Where do you suggest the 10 weeks of primo fall in the cycle?

your cycle seems weird to me. what exactly are your goals? primo should be pinned atleast 3 times per week… im a proponent of pinning ED no matter what you use… for a physique competitor it seems strange to not use any test prop, tren ace, winny, or T3.

I agree after much reading that primo does need to be done 3 times a week. I’ve decided to run it at 500mg 3 times a week. I’m doing what I have because it’s what I have. Haven’t done var or primo before
And can’t handle tren sides. I really appreciate your advice.