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Primo 3 Week Cycle

i am starting my 2nd 3 weeker and will be using primo depot. i know this is a longer ester,but i have it and don t want to waste it.my question is this. i did a 600 mg front load 3 days before cycle start. during the cycle i will run 100 mg masteron,100 mg npp and 75 mg t prop,and 40 mg anavar eod. can i add 100 mg primo to this eod protocol, or should i do 150 mg twice a week. i will stop primo 10 days befoe cycle end and pct.
fyi-first 3 weeker was a hit 7 lbs lean muscle gain no neg sides,no libido loss post cycle…

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I agree with Bushy…

As an substitution in your cycle…I saw you were planning runing Anavar at 40mgs per day. If you are dead set on using this Primabolan, then substitute it for the Anavar in your cycle.

Since the Anavar musch less suppressive to your HTPA than the primo it would be a better choice to run as a bridge during your PCT, although I might drop the dosage to 30 mgs per day.

…my 2 pennies.