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'Priming' for a Cycle


Anybody ever do this? The theory is that if you diet for a while before you cycle you get a mad anabolic rebound effect which means your cycle is much more effective.

I've decided to give it a try. Going to spend the next 8 weeks cutting like fuck, then jump into a ridiculous bulking cycle, see if it makes it any more effective.

Couldn't hurt, eh? I might even do some cardio...


at least you should be lean as shit before hand and reducing your fat jackness


or, take l-carnitine l-tartrate for a couple weeks prior... actual data shows it increase the density of androgen receptors...


^^^^ If that's the case why not take them the entire length of the cycle as well?


i believe (and right now i can't confirm or deny, as there's conflicting evidence) that increased androgens reduce AR density. basically, it would be pointless to take on cycle...



Reed, if you wanna give it a try, then go for it. i just can't say for sure that the LCLT will prevent the AR from down-regulating (or whatever it does)... but i do know it should work prior to a cycle.


Nice post, cyco!

I'm definitely going to try that. Why not eh?


yeah, that's what i was thinking... it might not help much (i think it increase AR density 15% or so), but it won't cost much and cause any other issues...


kinda seems like it might be a good idea to use carnitine during PCT as well. If it's helping with LH production, then that'd be pretty awesome.


A lot of competitors in my gym have told me that as soon as their comp is over their back in the gym the next day and their diet is automatically switched from comp prep to a calorie surplus all over again. They're drug use adjusts as following as well.. Their logic behind is kind of what you're saying I think. They say they've seen their body grow the most during this post comp phase.


aas works better when you are lean

12 weeks blast

6 weeks cruise + clen, eca, metformin, and dnp



What about supps that could help with the prime? L-Carnitine seems like a good shout, and I've heard circumin and zinc reduce E which I suppose could help.

Anything else?


zinc at 150mg tid will help prevent aromatization of test into estrogen. only if you are deficient. an easy way to check, that also doubles as a supplement, is to get a bottle of liquid zinc talley. they are under 15 bucks for a bottle.


do you think that has more to do with them eating a surplus of calories again and being lean enough to see the results easier, since they're already lean?


interesting... i just looked that up, and didn't realize it was so easy to test for a deficiency...


I was 176lbs with a higher bodyfat and decided to cut before up'ing my TRT dose to a blast dose of 300mgs/wk. I dropped down to just under 160lbs after about 10-12weeks of strict diet (high protein / healthy fats and low carbs); I hated it because I was incredibly small at 5' 9" but figured wtf I'm on TRT for life now so I did my low dose cycle

I ended up getting up to 185lbs in 8 or 9 weeksweeks and was leaner then I was at 176lbs originally. Infact I was pretty lean (for me) at my new 176lbs after only 5-7 weeks. It was night and day just after 8 weeks

I pulled some muscles in my lower back / hips that put pressure on my sciatic nerve which forced me to drop front squats and deadlifts and my E2 went through the roof so I may have been able to get better results had I not had those issues. Who knows?

I have since dropped down to 180lbs while on cruise trying to get leaner and get my E2 under control before blasting again in Sept

I'd HIGHLY recommend priming before a cycle based on what worked for me. My Test dosages were really low too @ 300mg/wk so I'd love to see what could happen at a higher dose. I read an article specific to this topic; I'm sure you could find something on google. It's basically a carb cycling program before you start your cycle

It'd be interesting to hear your results if you go this route. I will be posting my cycle results in my thread :

Cruising and Occassional Light Blasting


^i have read that high bodyfat can lead to high estrogen conversion in men, so in theory, being leaner on cycle should lead to less estrogen related side effects.


I mean that is one way to look at it but these guys have been doing this long enough to know not to be fooled by mere illusions. They are continuously measuring and tracking bf on a monthly basis and they all agree that post comp gains are always greater and they say everyone in the sport knows this, even most amateurs.


^i think they're looking at this wrong... it's like in high school, when all the wrestlers hit a growth spurt after the season ended.

i look at it like this: from what i've seen, cutting cycles are usually the most aggressive cycles i've seen bodybuilders use. so a bodybuilder in that phase has a ton of androgens in him. they're also apt to be training multiple sessions a day, and generally training with lighter weights. not to mention low cal/carb, etc...

when they go back into bulking phase, they refill their muscles (glycogen super-compensation?) and aren't restricting their diets, get some rest and start training heavy again.

i think it's more of a rebound of simply not starving anymore, vs growing better when you're lean.

maybe that's the same thing, or a different perspective in viewing the problem. all i know, i don't need to starve to grow...


Lol you might be right man. And I agree 100 on it not be necessary for growth. I've been keeping it fundamental in terms of diet for awhile and have been happy with results. It might just be some satisfying saying that comforts those during an aggressive prep phase. Like the light at the end of the tunnel type of thing lol. I've heard enough Tren can make you believe anything. That's why I said won't really recommend/preach it to anyone until I see some solid evidence. Wish someone on here had some. Interesting thread nonetheless.



I think so too.