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Primer 52 with Only Bodyweight Workouts?


Any reason to change anything with the Primer 52 diet during this time where gyms are closed and I don’t have weights available? Specifically in regard to the strength days?

Thank you for your time and your at home workout articles!

Not really. While the plan is optimized to make the most of 2 different types of stimuli, it will still work great with a unimodal workout.

Perfect. Thank you! And stay healthy.

Same to you and your close ones

Hi CT,

Based on your response, I am going to start the primer 52 diet with the Apocalypse dumbbell program combined with the plan laid out in your article here (isos/loaded stretching/sprints). My plan would be:

Mon: off day, fasting
Tues: weights, high carb
Weds: weights, low carb
Thurs: jumps/sprints, fasting
Fri: weights, high carb
Sat: weights, low carb
Sun: jumps/sprints, no set diet plan

The Apocalypse program has set days of the week listed so I just wanted to see whether this plan works or if you would change anything? Also, are there any changes you would make for a weightlifter? Obviously, not having a barbell and platform is far from ideal but I would appreciate any tips you may have. Thanks!