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Primer 52 + Layers

Hey Coach,

I’m setting up a block using your new article. I’m really interested in the concepts and it looks enjoyable. I’m 2A.

So I was looking at the strength days and wondered if I could use those days for standard or maybe Hepburn Layers. But it’s possible that I should only be doing the first 2 or 3 layers and maybe some assistance. What are your thoughts and ideas about incorporating Layers into this template? Layers are the spice of life :blush:

I haven’t tried it so it’s hard to give you fool proof advice. But on the strength days the volume needs to be lower. Will Hepurn layers be too much volume? Maybe. Would it be better to only do 2 or 3 layers? Probably. I would minimize assistance work, putting it on the hypertrophy days if possible.

So if I did Hepburn Layers for 2 layers. For example let’s say the squat. Then did the GHR for 4 x AMRAP and a core movement for 4x10-12. Would you consider that assistance to a minimum?

Another thought I had. What would you think about putting the last 3 layers on the hypertrophy days? Superset it with some antagonistic movements. Finishing it off with a pump exercise of the main mover?