Primer 52 Fasting / mTOR Day Cardio Volume

I live under a mountain and 2-3 times per week I do 1-2 hour outdoor uphill cycling sessions that burn estimated 600-1200 kcal depending on how far I go. I don’t strictly do them because of the cardio benefits - I enjoy mountain biking. So I want to ask how to fit them in Primer 52

Is it ok to do such a workout on fasting days? Or would you only do really low intensity cardio like walking or jogging?

How safe is it doing them on rebound days - is there a risk that such a workout could inhibit mTOR? If I would do it on mTOR day, I’d have my workout before 9am and cycling after 6pm.

Well, you can definetly do it on fasting days BUT I would have some carbs in the meal at the end of the day (at 9pm), something like 75g of carbs so that you are not totally out of muscle glycogen the next day. And make sure to consume electrolytes while biking since fasting already tends to deplete water and electrolytes.

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Thanks for the reply coach! The suggestion for 75 carbs added to the lean steak and veggies at the end of the fasting day comes as a nice relief.

I usually drink 1-2L lot of water with electrolytes, 20-40g of carbs and 15-20g of BCAA per session but there should be pure salts alternatives.

You can just buy some gastrolyte and mix that with water