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Prime Time-Why Energy Systems

CT, I’ve been looking for an answer from you on this for awhile. I understand the concept of the bodys energy system but can you please give me an explaination of why you call it “Energy Systems Work” instead of “cardio”?

Basically if someone said to you “it’s cardio” what would your response be?

Yes you can give me the general version if that makes it easier

I’d love to hear your reasoning CT if it’s not too long.

Because many things can be included into what is commonly called “cardio”… you have low intensity/low duration work (LSD … long and slow distance), intensive intervals, extensive intervals, intensive segmented (400m for example), etc. You could even add GPP work like sled dragging and sledgehammer swing in the mix.

Basically all are forms of exercise used to “get in shape” and to shed some fat (the later being the most popular reason). However they do rely on different energy pathways. Cardio, refers to cardiovascular work. And I find that term too vague: any work/activity involving an increase in heart or respiratory rate could be callec cardio …

However by using the term energy system work it allows you to get more specific. E.g. Anaerobic glycolysis energy system work; oxidative energy system work, etc.

Just like we can use terms like “strenght training”, “power training”, “hypertrophy training”, “strength-endurance training” to describe weight lifting activities.

awesome, thanks for clearing it up