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I guess I'm feeling over 35 today, go figure.

Oh, actually I AM over 35, that explains it.

Anyway, how might I be of service tonight?



First, thank you for your time.

I am way over 35, I am 47 years of age. I started to work out again after a long hibernation period (about 25 yrs.). I used to be really athletic when I was in my twneties and early thirties. I have been lifting again for about 9 months and have lost about 45 LBS of fat (weighed about 320 now about 280, 6 feet tall). This has been great for me in many ways. I do a general full body workout routine every other day.

My question: I seem to have hit a roadblock in weight loss, strength gains and energy. This happened also about the fourth month into my workouts but Spike helped me with energy and motivation. However, as I said, I am again at a standstill and I seem to have developed a tolerance for Spike since I also feel less motivated/energized; what do you suggest reference workout approach to get over this hump...I would hate to stop working out for any significant amount of time.

Yet, I am feeling as though my workouts are not doing anything for me. I try to eat three solid meals, protien high, equal fats and carbs, topping out at 2500 to 3000 calories. I sleep on average 6 to 7 hours each night. I am not trying to win any contests I am simply self-improving but I want to look good and feel strong. Thanks for any help.


Congrats on your recent accomplishments at the Grand Canyon State Games. Do you have any anecdotes/advice you'd care to share based on your o-lift experiences at the Games?


Based on what I hear you saying, I'd take a long hard look at whether or not you're having FUN.

Now I recognize this isn't a popular position, but I consider it to be a crucial hallmark of long-term successful training programs.

Often the best remedy is to do something you're not doing right now. If you're doing standard gym stuff, I'd highly recommend lookin into O lifts and or strongman events for starters. If you've never done these activties, you'd be suprised what a blast they can be.

Hope that puts you into a good direction to explore...


Well my O-lift performance was a touch dismal, but i suppose I DID show up and I DID lift (I also threw? long day). Are you asking me to comment on the games themselves? Sorry if I'm not grasping your question!


I realize it's a vague question but I'm planning to compete there next summer so I was wondering if you had anything to share.

And your peformance may not have met your expectations, but you did place in all events so that's got to count for something.


I can say this: if you've never competed before, it's an ideal first meet to do...very friendly and well-organized.


Hi Charles, hoping you can shed some light here, i recently went in for medial meniscus repair and microfracture, i cant run (6 weeks post op) but can walk normally and cant lift weights, i can technically jog short distances but it hurts after. Doc says stick to swimming and biking and i may never jog, which is BS im very pissed about that i dont know how he can say that i could run fine before, also i am a scholarship fball player so wtf... he tells me microfractures are a 12 week recovery time as well and even after that i still wont run....

from what i read on the net i hear nothing but horror stories regarding this operation, i really need to be fully functional, hence why i got the surgery done, how can i never jog again?


You know, it realy depends on the specifics of the injury and subsequent surgery. It's possible he's being over-conservative of course. If it were me, I'd follow his instructions to the letter until you're fully recovered, then I'd talk to a few other orthos regarding the running/jogging thing. Hope that helps you out...


Hi Charles,

I have a question on rest\recovery\overtraining for someone over the age of 35. I usually follow a routine for 8 weeks, recently finished cw's outlaw program, then will take a few days off afterwards, but I always feel guilty about my time off. Is 100% rest necessary for a few days, or is it ok just to back off and do some light lifting at say 60% of your 1rm until you begin another lifting cycle. Thanks, sorry if this question has been answered before.


Charles, you are still on here RIGHT?-Jules


Hello Charles,
What is your view on training with overweight items in a sports specific way, i.e practising boxing with heavier gloves then normal so you body becomes stronger in that sports specific motion?

Thanks Indra


I would almost never be "off," but instead, using easy days as a way of staying in the groove while maximizing recovery. I train 6-7 days a week at age 45, almost always. My only off days are when I'm travelling or injured.

By the way, the "easy" day doesn't have to be easy in the literal sense? sometimes hard work can be fun and non-stressful.



If, hypothetically speaking, you were coaching someone and had them on a program to find strength and flexibility imbalances, would it be advisable for that trainee to work in the problematic unilateral exercises more than once per week? (hypothetically speaking)

(name withheld to maintain anonymity)


Thank you for shedding light on this for me, I will definetely incorporate some work to keep myself in the lifting "groove", on my "easy" days!



To increase horizontal quickness and explosiveness what would you focus on besides actually doing it on field?

I am very fast linear... @ 6'2" and quicker than most from side to side. But I would like to be just as horizontal as linear.

Any thoughts?

-Get Lifted


The method has a proven track record in events like track & field, cycling, etc., BUT not so good with combat sports in general. Although the example you cite is effective, NOT for punching power, but instead for maintaining your guard (shoulder endurance)


Speaking only hypothetically, yes, I'd do a boatload of unilateral drills. Like, 3 times a week. But don't tell anyone I said that...


Are you looking to improve straight-ahead sprint speed? If yes, I think improving biomechanical efficiency tends to provide the best bang for the buck...


improve side to side

-Get Lifted