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Hey Team...luck prevailing I should be around for the next few hours...let me know how I can help out...


Wondering about wrist straps. I've got small wrists, a long ago torn ligament in the carpals that's never been repaired and was wondering if they would help. Time is short, I can't be taping in the mornings.


If you're not concerned about or lacking grip strength, then I'd use them w/o reservation, especially given your injury!


Question regarding using MAG-10 and EDT. I apologize upfront if you have been asked this question. Do you think I should do EDT workouts more than 4 times a week while on MAG-10.I am trying to cycle MAG-10 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. I am wondering how best to fit my EDT workouts into this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


You know, regarding MAG-10, I have to plead ignorance? I'm not really "up" on it despite the various good things I've heard. Regarding EDT though, I'd cycle and combine it with other methods...if you use EDT for everything, you'll burn yourself to a crisp in no time. So do your core lifts, use Waterbury Method, %X%, etc, and then cycle EDT with various other higher volume methods for aux exercises


Hi Charles.:

My leg development is behind upper body since I will not go heavy squats due to back surgery for a ruptured L5 12 years ago.

I do this today:

Squats 3x8 w/ 185-205
Squats Ass2Grass w/ 155 to the burn. (I am 165)

I've done 375 max squat prior to my surgery, but will never load my back like that again...I hope.

My question is how do I shock my legs to grow when I don't do heavy squats. I can do heavy leg presses. Will these presses aid in size development? Is there anything else better in my situation.


I think leg presses are potentially FAR more dangerous for lumbar problems than squats. Try slow Bulgarian split squats...I don't know the specifics of your injury, so BE CAREFUL. But consider that when you use single leg drills, you don't need as much load to stimulate growth, which your back will appreciate


Thanks! I have not done any presses for a while. I was sore after the last try. I will try the method you spoke of. Thanks again.


What kind of general template and set/rep scheme would you use for someone that wants to get better chin-up numbers, better power clean, and just stronger in general for wrestling. Keep in mind that gaining excess bodyweight is not good in this situation.


help all im poor can only afford the gym at work which is 30 bucks a year......but they dont have a reverse hypers and i hear thats the best thing for posterior chain so can anyone help out and tell me whats very close to it thanks all


Good mornings
Stiff-legged deadlifts
Glute ham raises (natural or on a glute ham bench)
Pull throughs

and more....


Try Charles Staley's EDT program for strength (can't remember the name. It's a more recent article) or go with CW's Strength-Focused Mesocyle. It works!


HI Charles. Thanks for taking questions. My question tonight evolves training multiple strength quanities in the same training session. I have been toying with the idea of using three total body workouts a week while performing three to four different rep ranges during each workout. The first exercise would be a power exericse say for a hip dominant movement(hang clean) the next movement would be a upper body push movement for strength then the next two for horizontal/vertical pull would be in the hypertrophy range as well as the squat exercises following it.

I would switch which exercise or muscle movement was subjecting to each stimuli each training session. Such as hip dominant would become a hypertrophy exercise or possible a strength exercise during the following workout.

Could this be an effective method or might the cns become confused and not fire optimially.

Also I would appreciate your views on total body training versus split routines. I posted a topic in the building a better body forum. I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks in advance.


Charles, how many strength qualities do you think should be trained in any given mesocycle.

I train four - strength-speed, speed strength, strength enudrance and speed strength and I train all my lifts four times a week to be able to expose them to training parameters that would work on the above strength qualities.(which means I have to train twice a day to be able to expose myself to the needed intensity and volume but thats another story) I was asking CW if he thought this could be the limiting measure for how much frequency is optimal but apparently he's got some other mind-blowing stuff on the way so Ill just have to wait and see.

Do you think Im onto something here?

Of course the obvious question comes up of whether I should be training any strength quality only once and why not twice to make my frequency upto five times per week. But I digress.



Coach: I have a weak left shoulder (it has a tendency to dislocate easily). As such, I cannot do heave overhead presses. Do you have any suggestions as to alternate exercises I could do to help build my shoulders?

I am currently doing rope pulls to the neck and high pulls, in addition to all of my deadlift, rows, and other back work.



Pullthroughs work great.



Quick question concerning snatches tried them for the first time yesterday
and love them. My question is would there be any contrindications doing snatches combined with overhead squats.
Seems like a combination puke worthy any thoughts are appreciated.

just a fat bastard working



How's your training going?

  1. Why do you advocate partial squats (choices were: full or parallel squats when you were asked) generally speaking for athletes?

  2. If my goal is to be able to clean and press a 100 lb dumbbell, do you think I can get there by practicing clean and pressing 50 and 60 lb dumbbells for multiple reps many many times? Basically, a similiar idea that shooting 100 freethrows daily is better than shooting 10 free throws daily in basketball? Some people say that practicing heavy singles is the way to increase your 1RM but what do you think? Dan John has some interesting thoughts concerning this.



If, hypothetically speaking, you were coaching someone and had them on a program to find strength and flexibility imbalances, would it be advisable for that trainee to work in the problematic unilateral exercises more than once per week? (hypothetically speaking)



Charles is not available to answer questions tonight- I will let him know so that he can get back to your questions tomorrow when he returns from area5.., I mean whenever the helicopter brings him back, err, I mean from when he gets back from his nanas-Julianne