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Prime Time Question for All

Hey there.

When I do military presses, I feel pain at the top of the movement in my right shoulder, like just before and including lockout. I now no longer lockout but I still feel it.
I do shoulder horn work so it’s not like I’m not working my external rotators (although I guess that could still be the problem).
I don’t feel the pain in any other exercise (including dips). I do feel it a little bit in the shoulder during front squats.
Any ideas? Any other details I could provide that I can’t think of?


Eh? Eh?
. . . come on . . .

If you feel no pain while doing dips and other shoulder workouts it must be bad form while performing the presses.

Full flexion of the humerus (to overhead) is one test for subacromial impingement, so chances are that it’s still irritation of your supraspinatus.

External rotations alone won’t cut it. Scapular stability is also very important. Are you doing plenty of horizontal pulling as well? If you don’t keep your middle and lower traps and rhomboids in shape, the scapula tends to be elevated and anteriorly tilted; this is associated with a decreased subacromial space.

I’m no doctor or PT but if you drop presses from your workout for a month or two, your problems will probably disappear. Sometimes my shoulders get irritated from benching or overhead pressing ad infinitum, but if I cycle those exercises, the problem disappears.

Excellent stuff, thank you all.

I’ve been doing bent-over laterals at the end of my workout, guess I should step up the priority?

Any other exercise I should include? (Or I could just look it up, heh)

Had a very similar problem last summer. Laid off all direct shoulder work, even benching for a couple months. Still had the pain when I went back. Found a chiro who does ART and was pain free in a couple of weeks. Definitely worth the visits and the bucks spent. I don’t know how many of our iron pumping colleagues have had ART, but it works well.

If you check out the website, it has a “find a provider” search feature. I think it’s activerelease.com. Hope this helps.