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Prime Time: MR or EC or Whoever


I'm having a bit of a problem doing L-sits. When I try to raise my legs to be slightly parallel to the ground I feel pain at the front of my hips. I'm wondering if you can recommend anything that could have caused this.

I think a possible cause (hopefully leading to a solution) is that for the past 2 months pratically my leg training has been posterior chain dominant. I've done very little quad work.


I'd say that you're just using too much hip flexors and not enough abdominals. Anytime you hit the hip flexors hard over an extended period, they'll really start to act up.


My guess would be hip flexors as well.

Do you know how to stretch them properly?

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Thanks for the hip flexor advice.
I haven't been doing much ab work lately, I need to start incorporating some more sit ups and not just exercises like Saxon Side Bends.
I looked up stretching my hip flexors.
i'm going to keep stretching them at all available opportunities, i.e before I go out for my driving lessons, etc.