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Prime Time: Hockey Barr


Theme Of The Week: The puck has dropped and the season has begun!

Image Of The Week: The Great One in action

Explanation Of The Week: "Hockey Barr" is the Canadian translation of what Americans call a "Hockey Stick".

Site Of The Week: http://www.und.edu/org/undcheer/Hockey.html
Hockey and pleated skirts.



Ive been noticing a bit of bloat lately whenever I consume more than one grow shake per day. A friend got me thinking about trying out egg-protein. I've noticed that this protein is not included in the Grow formulation. What do you think about its level of quality? I dont know much about its absorption rate (quick like whey or slower like casein?) or how it compares to the dreaded soy. I like the convenience of protein powders and want to be able to have access to some type, but my body seems to be struggling with grow. Any tips or info are much appreciated.


I'm sure 10 + years ago, we thought whatever workout drink we used was as good as it could get. Now, we think Surge is awesome, (and it is), but you KNOW 5-10 yrs. from now we'll look back and say, "Surge is nothing compared to what we use today." So what improvements do you see in workout nutrition down the road?




Is anyone going to the Staley Bootcamp next week?

There is a great thread here: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=775974



I [b]used[/b] to be into hockey... was huge into the Oilers in the 80's and watching the grace personified that was Wayner... and then my beloved Whale moved to f-ing North Carolina of all places! And they wait until they leave to bring back Ron Francis???? BASTARDS! Now, just cannot seem to get into the game any more.

Please tell me why I should care about hockey being back. SELL ME ON THE GAME, YOU SUCROSE LOVIN' CANUCK! SELL ME!

Respectfully yours,



Oh and the chick lying down in the front left of that UND pic? SMOKING!


You say this has only happened recently? Has anything else changed in your life? New stresses? Diet change? Medical issues?

Egg protein is good quality, but whey is better. I'm actually a little surprised that they sell egg protein.

I'd give egg protein a try, but more importantly, try to figure out what happened to initiate the change in your digestion. This could be a symptom of an underlying problem.

One more point, Grow! should be largely lactose free... do you have any lactose intolerance?


That just plain rocks!!! Cheerleaders and hockey! I didn't even know the two coexisted.


Hey DB,

I know you've foretold many times the demise and banishment of the sport supplement industry due to several "shooting themselves in the foot" practices of supplement companies. What I'm wondering is, what do you predict to be the time-frame for this final ban to occur? Do you expect it to include food-based supplements like protein powders, as well?


Wow, this is a really cool question!
I think the biggest advances will come in the form of manipulating fatty acid composition of the cell membrane to enhance anabolism.

As far as nutrients and workout nutrition, this is a tough call... I remember too that I used to consume rice cakes PWO and thgouth I was badass (because Duchaine told me to do so). LOL

Now, I'm not sure we actually WANT to illicit a greater insulin spike than the one we already get, and I'm not sure that amino acids can be mode MORE anabolic.

Maybe something will sensitize our body to become more receptive to the amino acid-induced stimulation of protein synthesis.
There may also be better ways of replenishing glycogen, but this would mainly affect athletes in competition.

Great Q!


Wow, Kuz you are the first Whalers fan I have ever known!

Having lived in TX for the past couple of years, I'm having to re-sell MYSELF on "hackey".

If cheerleaders don't do it for you, I don't know what will.


See you in AZ. T or F?

Carbs are good. T or F?

Hockey sucks. T or F?



Barr wrote;
If cheerleaders don't do it for you, I don't know what will.

what about cheerfollowers?-J


Bauer, I can't even imagine when this will occur. Although Texas was extreme, I'm amzaed at the passion with which Americans believe in civil liberties.

Whenever it happens, it will occur in Canada 10 years before the US.

Having said that, the majority of harmful supplement users are in the US...

Tough call.

BTW-I think it will encompass everything, including protein powders.

Good question.


T, WTF, F, T.


Hey Dave,

Thanks for the reply. Nah everything is as it always is, no new changes. And im def. not lactose intolerant, at least I have never noticed any form of intolerance. So it sounds like you're saying that egg protein is a little bit outdated in terms of comparable options. However, how does it stand on its own 2 feet. Without comparing it to whey or other stuff? I'm specifically interested in its absorption rate...would you call it a fast or slow protein?


What do you think of Kombucha? I can't believe that it is as good as some say, but still a healthy drink nonetheless?


I'm not aware of any absorption data on egg protein, but I reserve the term "fast" for a select few products, so it will at least be a moderate speed protein.

Good to hear that everything else is going okay!



Re: The Staley Bootcamp

I'm supposed to stay w/ your ass on Thursday, so how about you PM a brother your digits so I can call you prior to arriving in Phoenix.

Look forward to seeing you.

Take care,




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