I’ve been recently reveiwing your older works. I’ve completed ABBH and ABBH II.

I was curious if you still (personally) choose Total Body workouts when you train yourself. In TBT you said this. Just curious. You said that there is no better way…

So I’m curious…if Total body workouts can be considered the “best”, then how do you change it up to keep the ol’ adaptation from kicking in?

Also…is there anyway we can mix in Singles into a hybrid TBT program? If so, then would you please elaborate on the “how?” I’ve looked at “laborers” and “hands” for years and noticed exactly what you said in the SC article about them being strong/big “sumbitches”.

It’s almost 7AM here…so I gotta post this eary and hope you can get it (not sure if I can post during PT today).