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Prime Time CT 29


Guys, I'm having some major problems with my internet connection. A technician is supposed to come on wednesday so I might not be able to answer everything you ask tonight. However feel free to post any questions you want. I'll do my best to answer them tonight, if my computer screws up I'll get back to your questions later this week.


Sorry to hear about the technical problems, thanks for being with us tonight!

What is the advantages and disadvantages for a bodybuilder with wide shoulder? I've heard it was a huge advantage cause it makes him appear wider and allows more muscle to be put on.


A wider shoulder structure allows for a more aesthetic shape beause it increases the shoulder to waist ratio.

It also means a wide clavicle (collar bone) which give the illusion of a better chest and V-shape back.

According to soviet anthropometric data, individuals with wide shoulders might be genetically predisposed toward adding muscle mass and gaining strength. Hence this (biacromial width) was a selection factor when choosing boys to train for olympic lifting in sport schools.

Any drawbacks? Not that I can think of... It's kinda like height in basketball.



damn technology!!! anyway, is there any chance of getting a sample protocol for the other two days in the week in your "shoulders overhaul" program? just wondering what types of exercises work well with the 2x week shoulder blast. thanks.


I'm doing a bodybuilding phase right now using your accumulation/intensification model. And i was curious is it odd or wrong to put the highest volume week as the 2nd instead of the 3rd week. Like this:

Week 1- 4x6
Week 2- 6x6
Week 3- 5x6
Week 4- 3x6

Because i'm on my third week now and i found that my second week was definately the best. I wasn't quite as strong on my first day of the third week and i though my workout would never be over as i did 22 total sets. Which is more than i usually do, but i am up to 157 lbs which is my highest weight so far.

Also I posted about food absoprtion issues how do i find out if i have a problem with this?

Also i've kinda stumbled on something i think here lately, we'll see how it works out. At work the girls that work in the department across from me (i work at lowe's) have a drawer with lots of sugary candy in it. I've recently started snacking on this during work, which is weird cause i never eat candy, but as soon as i started doing this i gained one pound, now two pounds, and that was all this week. Could there be a correlation here?


Day 1: Shoulder workout 1
Day 2: OFF
Day 3: Chest/Triceps/Quads
Day 4: OFF
Day 5: Shoulder workout 2
Day 6: Back/biceps/Hams
Day 7: OFF

A. Decline bench press (to take stress off of the shoulders)
4 x 4-6 reps

B. Cable flies
3 x 10-12 reps

A. Decline nosebreaker
4 x 4-6 reps

B. Cable triceps pushdown
3 x 10-12 reps

A. Back squat
4 x 4-6 reps

A. Romanian deadlift
4 x 4-6 reps

B. Lying leg curl
3 x 10-12 reps

A. Bent over barbell row
4 x 4-6 reps

B. Weighted pull ups or lat pulldown in front
4 x 8-10 reps

A. Barbell curl
4 x 4-6 reps


Yes, it can work. There isn't one universal block scheme. Former world record holder (indoor shot put) Werner Gunthar used a block structure in which the volume progressively dropped during the 4 weeks. So his first week has the highest volume.

You can also use "shock blocks" with two successive stress weeks if you are stuck in a rut.

Everything will work well provided that the fourth week is a deloading week.

Hmmm... don't really want to get into this!!! Eating candy to build muscle ... this is kinda like the old Weider trick of putting tons of simple sugar in his weight gainer ... tasted great ... had about 2000kcals per serving and peoples were gaining weight.

I'm not a fan of the idea of ingesting crap to build muscle ... but heck, if it works for you and you are not gaining any fat go for it.


Everything is working for now... better get your questions in right away.


I've been experiencing shoulder pain for the first time in my life (31 years old, 6'1", 240, training 14 years). I get the most pain doing seating military presses with dumbells and bench press. Any idea what it is or what I can do? I do a decent amount of rotator cuff exercises and think that's the culprit. I took 2 weeks off and it didn't help much.


Thanks CT, You da man!! (who trains Da Freak)


hi there Thibeadeau,

would you recommended doing a hip dominant and quad dominant exercise in the same work using the same rep range. or could you do one of each in a different rep range or through in a single leg exercise or a posterior chain exercise(pull through, back extension) along with your regular pulling and/or squatting.

also i was wondering if you got my email.



I saw one of your posts which laid out a pendulum routine which alternated hypertrophy, strength and power weeks. I have no interest in power right now, but would want to focus on strength and hypertropy, primarily strength though.

Would the following be a good approach?

H,S,S,S,H,H,S,S,S,H and so on with more strength workouts than hypertropy work thrown in to change things up.


This might actually be tendonitis, either of one of the rotator cuff muscles or biceps. I'm not an injury expert, so I'd suggest consulting with an ART practitioner near you.


Hey CT -- just a quick note to let you know my numbers for the week, Squat 367, bench 230, deadlift 377.

Still 5 weeks out! :wink:


Which email is that? I receive dozens of messages per day.

In regard to your question, it is quite possible to use different rep ranges for quad and hip dominant exercises. Hamstring will normally respond better to heavy weights with less reps for hypertrophy compared to the quads.


CT I was wondering about cooking chicken on the outside grill 3 weeks precontest. Is there any danger in that?

Did you get my PM about the deadlift PR. I am still fired up about it.


Yes, this looks good. I would only suggest utilizing different strength zones:


H1 = total hypertrophy 8-12 reps
H2 = functional hypertrophy 6-8 reps
S1 = limit strength zone 3-6 reps
S2 = relative strength zone 1-3 reps

So something like...

H1, S1, H2, S2, H1, S1, H2, S2, etc.

Would be best. The H2 zone will also contribute to strength gains.


Ah, everything seems to be on track ... as long as the bodyweight is on going the right way everything should be A1!!!

How is the bench shirt working BTW? Are you able to use it yet?


Yes, great PR ... glad my tips helped you smoke it!

Te only danger about cooking your chicken on the outside grill would be to burn yourself to death. But you can continue to eat it this way as long as you want. As long as you don't use any seasonings filled with calories.


Got the weight down to the Chest -- but I am gonna work more in it on Wednesday, if that sounds ok?

BW seems to be going good - 186 this am.