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Prime Time: Barrney and Friends


Image Of The Week: Raise The Barr logo.

Site Of The Week: http://www.raisethebarr.net/

I'd love to hear feedback on my site! Suggestions for the future?


I assume were going to have LOTS of questions about creatine tonight.

Maybe we could start of with safety, followed by which "type" is best.

As always, Glow in the dark is #1.


bar is spelled wrong you nincompoop



Your avatar is scary. Is that a takeoff of Donnie Darko?


I know you talked about creatine before workouts, but what about during? I usually drink Surge with my creatine during the workout and am wondering if I should hold off until after.


mook, do you have anything post-workout? If so, I prefer that time. Otherwise, during workout is fine.


Wow, no one else is currently on Prime Time. Does that make me the King of Prime Time?

I usually wear one of those paper Burger King crowns for the 80's while I do PT, but now I guess I've earned it!


Nice site, cool pics, great article.

I found a good article on protein intake, for future reference. http://www.nutritionandmetabolism.com/content/pdf/1743-7075-2-25.pdf

Have you ever tested the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables in your lab? Or amounts of pesticides? I want to test some stuff and see what's really in what I'm eating. I'd also like to find out for myself if organic produce has more nutrients and less pesticides.


Boon, thanks for the feedback and the great article.

The nutritional biochemistry lab was strictly proteins and amino acids. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know of your results and we'll do an article about it!



DB -

The website looks great; congrats!


Hey David,

I love your articles. Your business model is interesting, to say the least. Suggestions for the web page.

1.Inconsistent bulleting on the homepage. If you are to list a following they would be subtopical bullets or the initial phrase Honestly I would just drop that bullet. It seems like padding.

2."Confidential link" questionable but common in today's web marketing schtick. I would drop it.

3.Hype. Try to avoid too much of it.
-N. Devey ON
Highschool Student> The above statement, even if true sounds too good to be true. State the same results in easier to swallow terms.

4."Wait, if you act now..." I don't know if you intended to sound like a TV info-ad, but you might consider dropping the "Wait". The bold characters are already talking for you.

5.One the Ultimate offer page you transpose the $. Oops.

Like I said... The business model sounds very interesting. Good luck.


Hey David,

I was excited to see your article today esp. since I was going to start supplementing with creatine next week... Basically, what I gathered from reading the article is that about 3 grams of creatine should be ingested post-exercise and loading is unneccessary. Currently, I am about 150lbs. (~140lbs. LBM) at 69" and train with Waterbury's ABBH 4x a week with sprinting a fifth day. So that would equate to about 15 grams/week.... I guess I would just like an acknowledgement as if these are the parameters I should be following or should something be changed (first post too!!) Thanks!


Hi Dave and thanks for relying to my post on Glucorell R. One question in referance to Glucorell R.

"good for Type II diabetics, but will hinder muscle protein synthesis."

Is that consistent with that type of ALA\RLA or all Lipoic Acid?

Im not diebetic so Im gueesing that ALA/RLA will do nothing good for me?


Hi David, your site looks very good. If I may make one suggestion, perhaps you could go into more in depth detail regarding your services.


Thanks Mike, sorry I had to rough you up a bit today and snag your Prime Time slot. I picked up a few moves from the CroCop/Sapp fight.


quan2m, wow thanks for the feedback! As you picked up, I'm going for a feel that's a bit different than what many readers are used to, while still offering the info that they need.

Any problems I blame on my web guy. :wink:


Look good. Let us know how it goes!


Sadly it's a property of lipoic acid in general.



vbspiker, good timing, that's the next item on the list.

I appreciate the feedback.


Yo Barr

Read your last article, great read!

My question is about ALA usage in which you briefly covered. I was under the impression that ALA post exercise, as in a Surge+creatine coctail, would do more damage than good? I have recently been supplementing 200mg ALA 20-30 min after my Surge and 5-10 min before my massive p+c solid food meal. Thoughts suggestions?

Another question about adding the table salt to enhance creatine uptake. Just add this into my post workout Surge? how much? And previously with my one-scoop post workout Surge (on a budget now) I have been adding about 12oz of water. Would mixing it up in as much as a litre help with absorption?

Always appreciate your knowledge!