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Prime Time: Barrds Tale


Well here it is, the very last Prime Time.

I'll skip the Image Of The Week in favor of a few shots from the recent Phoenix trip.

I'll be on tonight and tomorrow (Thursday), so be sure to get your questions in while you can!




hey Dave ... was hoping to hang out with you a bit more in Phoenix ... so, next year for sure ... we could, say, I dunno, go to the barr?

ok a real question ... since i'm lazy, and you know stuff ... someone was concerned about cholesterol levels ... after glucose, are trigycerides / cholesterol the body's next fuel source choice? intense movements, err exercise, helps keep this in check? (genetics aside.)

either none or both of these statements are correct:
(1) your arms are tiny.
(2) your hair is cool.

is that the only hat you own? ... looked like the same one from last year's olympia pics



Did you have a good time -did you make it to Biosphere???-jules


Some of you may have heard that I was the Grand Prize winner at the Staley Bootcamp. I think it was awarded to sexiest male attendee.

The booty consisted of more than $1200 worth of stuff.
This included several books, by: Staley (everything he's written including his new book), Chad Waterbury (yes, Waterbury), Bud Jeffries, Travis Speegle etc.

DVD's from Staley and Dan John.

CD's from Dr. Lonman and Jack Singer.

Heavy Handle, Haulin' Hooks, Heavy Gripper.

Low-Carb Grow!, Grow! Barrs.

9 T-Shirts, including several from Biotest/T-Nation.

$200 Gift certificate for Staley gear.

A knife-fighting DVD set from Tim Larkin worth $500.

Pretty bad-ass stuff, which is worth more than I paid for the entire trip!

Thanks to Team Staley for this gift pack, and I encourage everyone to attend next year!

BTW-Everyone who attended walked away with a prize pack!


Ditto. I'm just not a big Bar guy. Sign me up for a meeting at Starrbucks and I'll be there.

More or less. The brain loves ketones and immune cells love glutamine. Intense exercise seems like a better way to break down protein than lower intensity, but only when completely fasted.

WTF? Everyone has an orgasm over WaterBarry's hair and I get dissed. Me feel bad now.

Yup, same hat (what, are you a stalker?). Gotta represent Ajax (Amsterdam). As long as they can survive Arsenal they'll do well (do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?). Besides, my usual Detroit Tigers hat is about 10 years old and has never been washed.


PM's coming through. I'm having issues so just wanted to make sure.



Jules, everything was great! Thank you SO much! You really did a wonderful job this year!

The Biosphere was beautiful, but quite sad. It's costing 100K/month to maintain but isn't being used AT ALL.

I'm not sure why NASA hasn't started research at this facility (haven't they seen "Red Planet"?.


hey- didn't you also get some other stuff- like the ipod stuff,oh, and kettlestacks. Barr, you rock, thanks for the drink you sent over that pushed me over the top-Jules


Got it!


how ironic

i hear you man. i go through phases. sometimes i totally lay off from the barr ... football season is typically NOT that time. so night time barr with dj and daytime joe with barr ... i rarely lay off of the sbux.

nah, they are just kissing his @ss cuz he has maximum mulletude, and we have all been ripping on mullets for, oh, i dunno, about 10 years. so now they don't want to get their @sses kicked.

you know, i'll tell you the same thing i tell my girlfriend ... i only make you feel like sh!t because i love you!

usually ... except when you type or say stuff



Well, the study isn't "wrong", but isn't much use to us right now. CLA has different chemical versions, and right now we don't exactly know what each version does.

As far as I know there is no commercially available CLA specific version for sale. Even if we had such a product, it's too early to use it.

For fat loss? Likely not.

I haven't tried it, but it seems to be supported by a couple of studies. I'd have to really go through the literature before I'd recommend it though. Same for huperzine.

Your other supplements look good.


Bastard! That's why you don't get pics with my replies!


D'oh! I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things. My bag was too heavy (for the plane, not me), so I had to give my brother some of the gear. I shoud really ask him what I have at his place...

BTW-NP on the drink. It was the least I could do.


Thanks man! You're huge too, but we already knew that. LOL

Great book BTW!


I am just so happy that you went up to biosphere- did you get any pictures of Solari (the bell place)?-J


ok cool...

Just curious about CLA because I am always reading about it in the mags I get. It's like on every page so I had to ask. I'm going to wait a bit to start looking over it again.

The guggulsterones it says "jump-start your metabolism by normalizing thyroid hormones. Type E and Z from commiphora mukul."

Thanks for that and check your e-mail funny cactus man.

I've got something I've always wondered about:

Flax oil and lignans... Flax oil without lignans... Lignans are for digestion I remember but what is a good ratio and what is with the 10-20% lignans. AND why does the bottle sometimes have like a layer of "stuff" on the bottom.

I either get Flora or health from the son and another one but I'm curious what is the ideal flax oil supplement. They have all different kinds and fat ratios and lignans and no lignans. Some are cheaper than others and I don't know why.

Maybe you can clear some of this up?

-Get Lifted


Despite having been instructed by some of the worlds' expert in altitude physiology, I'm not aware of anything that can help other than acclimatization.

Makes me wonder if bicarbonate or beta alanine would have any effect in this situation.


TONS. Then we drove around Scottsdale and grabbed a few of the mansions/castles.


I know for a fact that he does. He has a good picture of me extending an olive branch (Literally, not metaphorically).

Other than watching them pour molten steel, there wasn't much there.

Take care,



Thanks -- do you think it might help. We have womens national powerlifting in February and the last time she was in Denver she was sick from the time she got off the plane until she got back home. She said 30 min after getting home she felt fine.