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Prime Time: Ask Me Stuff


I haven't done this in a while, so I guess I better come out of my blog and play a little.

Diet, training, gym psychology, motivation, supplements, Barely Legal pictorial reviews, whatever.... ask me stuff.


Mr. Shugart,

(You probably don't get that much, huh?) Who is next for D-Tap? I can't get enough of that and advise you guys to blow that feature up!

Bastard Friendly (not really) Guy


Up next for Double Tap:

July: Eric Cressey
August: Lou Schuler
September: Mike Robertson

Those last two may end up swapping months though.

Ideally, we'll keep doing one per month. We haven't repeated yet, but probably will eventually. I'd like to avoid that for a while at least. I need to talk to Dave Tate and TC soon for sure. Maybe Joe DeFranco would want to step up to the mike too. Readers are welcomed to PM me suggestions.


Shugs, we used to be cool but now we don't hang around. Used to be friends, but now we're foes. Ask me why man? No one knows.

You're uber busy with something... care to tell me, and a couple thousand readers, what secret stuff you're working on?

I hope you're not still wokring on that robot...


hey chris,

I've been searching on the site for a while and havent got infos on how to make your own ECA stack.

ephedrine= 25mg
caffeine= 200mg
aspirine= ?



I heard Joe deFranco on trainingyoungathletes and he gave great advice. I would very much look forward to a double tap from him. Dave Tate would be superb too.


Dave Barr, if people haven't already guessed, is strange.

Let's see, I edit a couple of articles every week, help TC out with whatever he needs, blog every couple of days, and clean the toilets. That's the usual daily stuff.

As for articles and interviews. . .

I've completed three new D-Tap audio interviews.

An interview with Moorea Wolfe (picture above) has been submitted.

An article about FFB (Former Fat Boy) Syndrome is done and should be helpful for anyone who was once fat. It'll have diet, training, and supplement advice, and even a section on the dreaded loose skin problem.

A new "Exercises You've Never Tried" is in the works.

"The Gear II," the new version of the T-Jack product review, is being put together.

I'm supposed to be tracking down Charles Poliquin for an in depth profile, but I think he's dodging me. I'd hate to have to whup his ass. (Ha!)

I'll be covering the big NSCA conference in Vegas in a couple of weeks. Should get a couple of drunken articles out of that. I'll also hit Staley's big Boot Camp in AZ later this year too. That should be great.

That's most of the big stuff I've been working on.



Have you encountered anyone that has trouble digesting dairy derived proteins i.e. whey, casein, etc? Is it possible to be allergic to these proteins? I do not actually have discomfort (bloating, gas, etc.) when ingesting these proteins, so I have ruled out lactose intolerance. My particular symptom is that for whatever reason my skin breaks out, especially with casein. Could this be the result of an underlying problem? Have you seen similar reactions in other individuals? If so, is there anything I can do? It is very frustrating to not be able to supplement my diet with protein powders. Thanks in advance.


Whoa! Last decade flashback! ECA polishes a mighty knob. It was okay when that's all we had and didn't know any better, but there's better stuff out there these days.

Anyway, "E" is banned, "C" you can get a Wal-Mart (Equate generic brand) and the supplement gurus figured out that "A" isn't a good idea for a fat burner. You can look up why in the archives.


Hey Chris. I'm just wondering what sort of warm-up/cool-down protocols you follow and how long it takes you to perform them.

I think the general rules are to do some light aerobic activity folowed by warm-up sets preceding the given exercises and to save the static stretching for after the workout. I do my own little ritual that works fine for me and was just curious what you did!


I know hahaha but I'm in Canada, so the shipping for 2 bottles of Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is 25$, you gotta do what you gotta do!


i'd love to see more of Poliquin here


First, cool-downs are largely bunk. Eric Cressey hit this point really well in his "Meet the Press" interview from a couple of weeks ago. Check that out for details. Basically, a cool-down is walking to the car sipping a post-training drink. (Yes, that damn Dave Barr's latest article has me reevaluating that practice!)

Warm-ups: I keep it pretty general. I find that in the winter I really have to get a good, slow warm-up. It's like foreplay with an ugly woman. Summers I'm faster. At the beginning of a weight training session I use an empty bar a lot to warm-up. I do this to warm-up but also for an equipment check as Ian King calls it. Sometimes I jump rope, run a lap, do a little light stretching, etc. Hanging from the chinning bar is great too, lifting the knees to really open up the spine. Lately I've been experimenting with some pre-workout Stick work. (See "The Gear" column.)

Recently I've been sprinting on off days. I find that it takes three good warm-up sprints to really get going for my 5 to 7 dashes. I do a light jog, then a 50% sprint, then a 75% sprint, before I really get ugly for 40-50 yards.


You haven't come across this huh? If you happen to hear anything, I'd appreciate if you would drop me a line. I'd love to be able to try the new Grow! flavors. Thanks.


Chris, I am 20 and have been lifting for a while now, I really wanna kick things up a bit with my supplements. I recently bought DHEA, each pill is 25mg, how many should i use daily?


From what I understand, if you're allergic to dairy then casein could be a problem since it's a milk protein. A small number of children have milk allergies, but 80% outgrow them by the age of six. Not everyone does though. Symptoms of milk protein allergy can manifest in the skin as an itchy red rash. The usual "treatment" is avoidance and using rice milk instead.

Never known anyone to suffer from that myself. Sorry, not much else to offer. Might hit Barr up with that question.


Chris, I am 20 and have been working out for a few years now. I took 1 ad last summer and gained 20lbs but since then i have lost alot, I also experienced a little turtle belly taking that crap. I wanted to start taking DHEA because I heard good things. How much should i be taking daily?



Any quick thoughts or comments on the use of either liver (as in cooked beef liver) and or dessicated liver in strength and development training?




DHEA may have some benefits for the elderly, but you won't get any bodybuilding effects from it. This is one case where just because the government is trying to ban it, that doesn't mean it's "steroid-like." More info here:



There's no place for it for me. Yeah, I know, liver tabs are still sold, but they didn't do much in the 70's, they won't do much now.