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Prime Time: Arizona Barr


In honor of the Staley Bootcamp this week, this week's theme is Phoenix and AZ.

Site of The Week: www.charlesstaley.com/

Questions? Comments? Diatribes?


Hey Dave I have a question regarding "paleo-diets". Recently read a bunch of articles on the subject and there seems to be a convincing argument that avoiding grains of any kind might be a good idea. Loren Cordain's book and comments by Art De Vany on his website seem like well researched positions.

Also seems to me that these opinions reaffirm some of the results people seem to get from Pasquale's anabolic/metabolic diet.

What are your thoughts on this and how can someone following a 'paleodiet' apply the principles of Lowery's Temporal Nutrition or Berardi's P+F/P+C advice.


I hope I don't miss any of the regulars by starting Prime Time so early in the week.

I ship out tomorrow night, so an early PT was essential.

This is also a 3 hour marathon tonight, so try not to wear me out all in one shot. LOL


Hey Big Barr,

Great bulking article, I'm thrilled to see another one from you so quick.

A couple questions from it, that I think may have actually been asked in one form or another in the article responses, but I'm going straight to the horses mouth:

How is a very high-fat bulking cycle much more beneficial during a drug-aided cycle than a natural one?

How much freedom is there really in a bulking cycle? Can I actually go out and eat doughnuts and whole pizzas, or is repeatedly spiking insulin throughout the day something I need to avoid?

For a natural bulking cycle, do you like one that focuses more on higher carbs or higher fats, or just shove as much of both in as you can?


Whew, glad I took my Spike for this one! LOL

Paleo diets aren't bad in many respects, particularly considering how our society eats these days.

As far as being the best thing for us... I'm not convinced. I believe it was JB who wrote in his series on this that -just because we did [eat a Paleo Diet] for thousands of years, doesn't mean it's ideal. (of course I'm paraphrasing and hope I don't put words in his mouth).

I urge you to check out his articles on the topic: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=732845

Now do I discourage you from trying this type of diet? Absolutely not! Some people will not only love this lifestyle, but will also do quite well on it.

Below is a list of foods you can use in your Temporal Nutrition or P+F/P+C paradigm:

Meats, eggs, chicken, fish, nuts. All P+F

Fruits and (root) vegetables for carbs.

Hope that helps!


Bauer, I see you've managed to track me down. LOL

Very high fat diets are better on a drug cycle because they are a great source of Cals. The drugs will ensure that most of this energy is used for muscle growth rather than fat storage.

Q2. Some people have a very hard time storing fat (or putting on muscle) for their entire lives. These are the people who can pretty much eat what they want without any fat storage, and are also the people who benefit from eat a whole pizza at a time.

As far as freedom goes, a huge guy like yourself has a lot more freedom with Calories than someone with less muscle mass. Then again, you have LESS freedom, in that you NEED the Cals just to maintain your current weight.

Q3. The comment about not eating a super high fat diet was mostly for people with less experience. You know your body better than anyone, including how quickly you gain fat (and from eating which foods).

I'd say eat more fat than normal, far more protein, and then the rest of your Cal requirement made up with carbs. Don't forget that you shouldn't be eating strictly "junk food".


Peanut Butter Grow! Barrs. That sounds awesome! If they're anything like the chocolate flavor, then I'll be in heaven.


The bars I used to get before the Grow! bars came back came in packages of 12, and lasted me about 2 weeks. The 36 count of Grow! bars last me about 2 weeks. I think these things taste almost too good. I may have to place my monthly T-Nation order a little sooner to try the PB flavor.


Hi coach. the problem i have is that everyday i have a calculus class at 700 am and i really don't have time to prepare a good breadfast if any at all. what are some good choices for a breakfast? or lunch? it just seams to me that by the time i practice i hardly haven't eaten anything that day. My dinner and post-workout drinks/suppliments are good, its just the first half of the day i lack. any suggestion or tips on food\supplements? i am a shot-discus thrower and am looking to gain size but mostly explosive strength? thanks, Niklas


LOL no kidding! I was floored by the 36-pack myself.

I wonder how many of these things we'll see floating around the Bootcamp. I also wonder if Shugs will have any samples of the new Barrs...


It sounds like you could really benefit from protein shakes throughout the day. They're easy to make and store. Not to mention Grow! Bars are perfect for your situation.

I could even mention that it takes about 2 minutes to get 400Cals worth of Pop Tarts.

Ultimately, it comes down to 2 things: 1)make things up for the next day before you go to bed 2) Think ease of transport and ingestion.

Good luck!

BTW-You perform Calculus at 7:00 AM? Wow.


Mentioning the whole 7:00AM Calculus reminds me of crazy highschool hours. Makes me with I had Spike back then. Or Grow! Barrs. Or Surge. Or....


Grow! Barrs? That is some shameless product placement there, man.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

This is my first in two years!

As some of you know, the Canadian tradition is a little different from what you may be used to.

We have a polar bear leg instead of a turkey -which we can't cook, otherwise our igloo's would melt (duh).

I am thankful that I get to see this Fall (again, my first in two years).


Tomorrow is my last training session before my week-long layoff. This means heavy eccentrics. I need to incur microtrauma that will take a week or so to heal. I wonder if that's possible, or even desirable. Yup. ALWAYS.


I should also mention that I am thankful for the declining Fall temperatures. I haven't sweated outside for several days now!

Yes, I get to back in the cool weather of the southern Ontario Fall, with no interruptions from a vacation to the hottest city in the US.

NOTE: It's 90 in Phoenix all week. :stuck_out_tongue:
Despite this, I am quite excited about going!


I'm back on early tomorrow Tuesday. See you then! (Kinda -but not really).


Cool fall weather? I'm still waiting for that. The good thing about being in AZ for the boot camp is that it's nice and dry!! No humidity! It sucks in Florida. I ooze sweat 24/7. I'll actually be dry in AZ, even if it's 90+. I'm used to 90+ with 100% humidity and a heat index of 105-110.

See you Friday!


Hi David,

In your article on creatine, you mention that creatine should be taken post workout. In your opinion, when is the best time to take it after a workout?

Also, should it be taken on an empty stomach or can it be ingested along with other foods and drinks?

Finally, how does creatine help a bodybuilder gain muscle mass?

Thanks a lot!


PT is back on tonight, Tuesday at 8:00PM ET.

I leave for the airport in an hour and a half (much like when Bonnie returns from her graveyard shift at the hospital)... what a bad time to have GI issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

[can anyone get the obscure reference?]