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I'll open my thread up early, so throw me some questions before I log on at 7 EST. Topics of the day include:

  • An injury update

  • EC's awesome performance at his powerlifting meet this weekend

  • The chances of the Colts winning it all this year

Oh yeah, and feel free to discuss topics such as training and nutrition as well!

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Dear Mike,
How did Mr. Cressy do?



Hey Mike!

Maybe you can respond to my Velocity diet questions and maybe make some suggestions. I am starting V-diet soon ( TOMORROW ). It is in Building a Better Body section. Thanks alot!


1) I am interested on your injury update.

2) Want to see pics and vids of EC if at all possible

3) None. I hope the team bus crashes into a brick wall. They have no defense save for Freeney. I hate the colts.

On, a side note, I'm going to be director of Sports Performance at the Bloomington Sportsplex. What are the chances of you perhaps being a guest lecturer sometime this fall or winter?


Mike, if you have time could you pop in here and give me your opinion?



I'd like an injury update and to see how EC did.

I recently pulled something in my neck while dead lifting and man does it suck.. I get killer headaches every time I lift.. Today will be my second missed workout, hopefully this sucker heals soon..


I've read the article... I'm curious to know your take on the relevance and importance of flexibility training for the strongman and powerlifter.


If someone has hurt their shoulder joint, and they've been told to lay off the weights for at least 5 friggin' weeks, meaning this someone cannot train back nor chest: what exercises should be done until the shoulder heals?

Note that deadlifts are out of the question too, as are dips.

And by the way, this someone is starting to go a bit crazy at the gym from only training squats, calfs and forearms; oh, and biceps/triceps (on the stupid machines the ladies with makeup use).

Did I mention it's only the first week of shoulder layoff???


EC did great; he said PR's in the squat, deadlift and total. Despite what he might say, he had an awesome meet!

Stay strong



While I'd love to comment, I'm probably not the best person to do so. I'm only roughly familiar with the diet and have no personal or applied experience with it. Sorry!

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I'd love to come down and give a seminar or lecture. Shoot me a PM or e-mail me and we can discuss the logistics.

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Hey MR, whats up?

How did ol' EC do? He is my hero.

I have a question about neutral spine. How the hell do I find it, and what exactly does it look like? I remember your and EC NNM and GHBIG articles, but the only pics i remember in them are poor postures- usually lordosis.
I am doing good w/ rehab thanks to all you guys, and I want to make sure I am doing all things correctly.

Some details-
-I tend to have anterior pelvic tilt in my hips when I stand. This makes me doubt if I am ever really in neutral spine. this makes me nervous of lumbar extension or hyperextension when doing other things
-When I go into full depth squats I tend to go into lumbar flexion
-when i consciencely stick my butt to the rear and 'sit back' into a squat motion, I feel as if my pelvis is again going into anterior tilt and/or lumbar extension/hyperextension.

I just have no dern idea how to tell if I am indeed losing my lumbar stability in the movements and going into flexion/extension or if I am indeed learning the desired new motor patterns and they just feel funky...

I asked my man Dr. Ryan about this last week. I have a few biomechanics books and the pictoral representations all disagree. The description is constant- positioning the spinal components (vertebrae and discs) as such that the load is distributed evenly through the spine. How the helsinky do i put that into practice, though? Any thoughts you have on the topic would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks a million.



You need to focus on "screwing" your heels into the ground; I actually have a toe-raise on my deadlift shoes to make sure I'm on my heels.

As well, dedicated glute and hamstring work is a must. If you're back-side isn't strong enough, you're always going to shift the weight to your strongest muscle group, in this case the quads.

Stay strong



I would get some ART/massage on the area, and check out some of my neck stretches once it feels a little in my "Hardcore Stretching" article.

Stay strong


You'll get opinions on both sides here, but I feel they are very important for anyone who strength trains; this isn't even so much for performing the movements, but for staying healthy.

Some will say that you only need enough flexibility to perform the lifts, but I would argue that unless you are stretching frequently and doing everything possible to keep your joints healthy, you will pay the price down the line.

Stay strong


First off, do what it takes to get the shoulder fixed. You may be able to perform some gentle mobility/range of motion work, but be smart and let your body heal itself.

In the meantime, get well acquainted with leg exercises that don't stress the shoulders. A safety bar could be your best friend for the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, don't use this as an excuse to get out of the gym; find another goal and train your ass off to achieve it in the meantime.

Stay strong


Da Man,

"Neutral" spine is simply a point where you aren't excessively arched or rounded; keep in mind that everyone should have a certain degree of lordosis in the lumbar spine and kyphosis in the thoracic.

Now, with regards to pelvic control, I would suggest actually watching or videotaping yourself squat, deadlift, etc. If you don't have the necessary ROM or mobility, then you'll need to keep addressing these issues. In the meantime, you can always work through a limited ROM and perfect your technique. As well, you want a small degree (although not totally overexaggerated) of lordosis to protect the low back when performing squats, pulls, etc. Remember, moderation in all things!

Stay strong


So the rehab is going better, I actually squatted a massive 185 with no compensation or pain today. However, as we all know, it's not the day of but the day after that's truly indicative of how we feel!

As well, ROM and mobility are getting back to where they need to be. I need to get in and get some ART/massage around the knee joint to get the quality of movement back to where I'd like, but it could be a few weeks before I get back into a consistent massage/chiro/ART routine.

Stay strong


thanks a million. I appreciate your input. One more thing- aside from McGills second book, are there any sources you would suggest getting ahold of that could demonstrate a good idea of nuetral spine and proper spine position during lifts? I always thought I had at least ok form, but now I am starting to doubt it... thanks again for all your help


I guess I ought to chime in here and answer for myself!

I cut weight to make 165 (163, actually) and wound up going:

501.5 squat (Comp. PR)

319.5 bench (tanked this one; I have hit 350 in training)

567.5 deadlift (Overall PR)

1388.5 total

As a frame of reference, Powerlifting USA lists the top 100 165 lifters in each of the three lifts and the total each year. For 2004, this would put my squat at #89, deadlift at #35, and total at #60. Considering I left about 30 pounds on the platform on both the squat and bench, I guess it could be worse. I'll be pissed about the bench for the next 12-week training cycle, though!