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Primary source of caffeine...

A) Coffee
B) Tea
C) No-Doze
D) No Caffeine
E) Pain Killers (Excedrin, ACC/ICC’s)
F) Other

Mountain Dew.

Sugar-free RedBull…ZOWIE!!!

Diet Coke.

green tea for me

Diet Dr. Pepper

Green tea, coffee, and the ol’ ECA stack pre-workout.

  1. MD6
  2. Coffee
  3. Diet Coke

A) Seattle’s Best Coffee

“I like my coffee like I like my women. In a plastic cup”

~ Eddie Izzard

Black tea- If anyone is looking for good quality loose teas, I recomend peets coffee’s.

Coffee - black, double espresso
Coffee - vienna
Coffee - Turkish
Coffee - filter [the espresso at work
Chocolate - Dark
Tea - Black

1)Ripped Fuel
3)Diet Coke

1# Sugarfree Red Bull
2# Diet Mountain Dew
Heeeey! Whaaaat! gotta wacth the damn carbs. Don’t I ? :wink:

  1. Coffee (tons of it)
    3)Extreme Orange

    da boxer