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Primary or Secondary?



Testosterone 1.7 (ref 2.50-9.50 ng/mL)
LH 3.2 (ref 2 - 12 mIU/mL)
FSH 5.4 (ref 1.5 - 10.0 mIU/mL)
E2 24 (ref 6 - 44 pg/mL)

Does this mean I have primary or secondary?

Would arimadex, clomid, hcg, or testosterone be most appropriate?

I'm 38 and have no energy, depression, loss of muscle mass and no interest. No other health problems other than one bad vericocele but even if it were fixed, I would still be low if my T went up 50%.


I would say primary. Lh and fsh are normal..

We cannot exclude other health issues and lab ranges do not indicate optimal health..

Please read the advice for new guys sticky..


I read this on Wiki, is it incorrect?

"In primary hypogonadism the LH and/or FSH are usually elevated, meaning the problem is in the testicles, whereas in secondary hypogonadism, both are normal or low, suggesting the problem is in the brain."


Yes usually they are in the top of range or out of range when the testies are not working.. But you also seem to be making a good amount of both so what is the answer??

If it was secondary the lh and fsh levels would be repressed.

What other labs do you have?

Has anyone checked the testies?

You could try an hcg challenge and see if testosterone raises with hcg..

Has prolactin been checked?

Read the advice for new guys sticky and lab testing sticky