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Primary Hypogonad

Hello all,
Since I am primary would HCG help?? My Dr. said she would prescribe but didn’t think it would benefit me. I don’t care about kids or testicle size…


How do you know you’re primary? I notice increased mood and libido, but I wasn’t primary. There’s some thought that there could be other LH receptors. You could give it a shot.

In primary, the problem arises from the testes themselves. LH can be high but the testes don’t respond or are lazy. The low T and subsequent low E are not inhibiting the pituitary and you would see abnormally high LH and FSH.

hCG might work if the dose is high enough to force whatever production the testes have got in them.

Was this a trauma, infection, or cancer?

Mine was cancer…so I’m guessing it probably will not help. The test cyp. and Arimidex seems to be working great. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something else I should be getting.

Sorry to hear. Props to you for being proactive in your health management.