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Primal Training

To all viewers, here is the log that I mentioned I would be starting in my introductory thread in the power lifting forum.

This log will include my personal paleolithic approach to weightlifting, nutrition and life style. Including goals, methods, ideas and physical activity in and outside the weight room.

Here is my original introduction
To start, I’m 18 years old and have become more serious by the day about lifting since middle school. I’m a high school athlete who loves the weight room just as much if not more sometimes than the football field or anything else.

Some of my motivation comes from the strength that I see and read about on this site. To name a few… StormTheBeach, Synergy, Professor X, BigMak, Spar4tee, ParagonA, and many more!

I love reading the spills from Jim Wendler, occasionally looking in on the Indigo Project and learning from CT, and reading about all the different programs and methods that are out there.

I’m into reading about conjugate training currently, and I’m obsessed with programming; simplifying shit to make it more applicable to my own training.

I’ve been into Rob Wolfs Paleo Solution, clean of whole grains for about 2 months. My diet consist of nothing but lean meats (fish, red meat, turkey & chicken) fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese and nuts. (occasionally I’ll splurge on some sushi with the girl friend :slight_smile:
I’ve trimmed up from this past football season down to a healthy, lighter and stronger weight.

I don’t take any supplements besides a vitamin and some fish oil here and there. I drink a lot of different coffee from Fresh Market as well as organic whole milk.

I do a lot of mobility work/stretching both before and after I lift, whether it be an upper or lower body day. I try to avoid fatigue throughout the week until Friday comes and I can be sore for the weekend. This is typically when I’ll enjoy an Epson salt bath or hot tub. I enjoy a hot cup tea before bed and some foam rolling.

Current Numbers
Right now my maxes are:
Bench Press - 335
Back Squat - 525
Front Squat - 315
Overhead Press - 205
Power Clean - 240/245 on a good day.

  • This will be kept up to date

Books that I’m into
Currently reading “The Paleo Diet for Athletes” by Loren Cordain
Next up is Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
… The list will be kept up to date

Coming into the new year, I will be taking a totally new spin on my training. As a senior in high school this will be my last chance to make a run at a state meet for the competitive bench press and clean & jerk so my training will be much more prioritized.
I have noticed that when I squat, the rest of my numbers seem to go up. And when I look back out how I was training for a 500+ squat in the spring, I was squatting heavy every other day. I’m changing this now to EVERY day. I’m going Bulgarian/John Broz Style with it.

I will be squatting every single day 4-5 days a week, on a conjugate set up. Basically, I will picking a different squat variation every day. I will be power cleaning 3 times a week, bench pressing twice a week, over head pressing once a week and dead lifting when ever I feel fit.

This will all be done in conjunction with a ton of icing, rehabilitation and recovery methods. I won’t be on this set up all year long, but I count on staying true to it for as long as my body will keep making gains.

In my spare time, I love distance runs. It’s a nice break from 110s everyday in the heat during football. I try not to miss a day of road work, and I’m usually down for 3-5 miles early in the morning or late at night with a buddy of mine. I’m considering doing some marathons/triathlons for the experience. I’m a natural competitor. Even though high school sports is over for me for the most part, I can’t stop competing because my biggest competition is myself.

Wish me luck! Any viewers are appreciated.

Will post more in depth write ups a bit later in regards to my lifting set up - out to train!

  • Chase

Ambition. I like it. Good luck bro


DE Upper Day
A. speed bench 6x2 50-60% (regular or bottom up press)

B. (pick a special exercise or cycle through 4 weeks)

  1. floor press - work up to approx 90-92% of reg. bench max
  2. 2 board press - work up to approx 102-110% of reg. bench max
  3. close grip bench press - work up to a approx 85-90% of reg. bench max
  4. bench press w/chains or bands - work up to a 100%

C. Low Intensity Back Work (pick one or two)

  • face pulls
  • reverse band flys
  • lat pull downs
  • chins with or without weight

ME Upper Day

A. Regular Bench Press
PHASE 1: work up to a 5 RM for 3 weeks (3 different methods of intensity changing)
PHASE 2: work up to a 3 RM for 3 weeks (3 different methods of intensity changing)
PHASE 3: work up to a 1 RM for 3 weeks (3 different methods of volume changing)

B. Progressive Overload Cycle - Regular or Close Grip Bench Press
Week 1: 4x6 @ 65%
Week 2: 3x6 @ 70%
Week 3: 3x6 @ 75%
Week 4: 4x3 @ 80%
Week 5: 3x2 @ 85%
Week 6: 2x1 @ 90%
Week 7. 5x10 50%
Week 8. 4x10 55%
Week 9: 3x10 65%

C. High Intensity Back Work

  • barbell rows
  • kroc rows
  • upright rows

D. Low Intensity Triceps & Shoulders

  • bar or DB skull crushers
  • reverse grip push downs
  • rope push downs
  • DB front/lateral/rear raises


A. Speed Bench 6x2 @ 50-60% (regular or bottom up)

B. Vertical Press Performance
Week 1: seated press
Week 2: standing strict press
Week 3: high incline press
Week 4: push press (slight leg drive)

Basic Progression
1x5 50%
1x2 60%
1x3 70%
1x1 80%
1x1 90%
1x1 95%
1x1 100%

C. Low Intensity Back Work (pick one or two)

  • face pulls
  • reverse band flys
  • lat pull downs
  • chins
  • ME Day is the same!

10 week progressive cycle for bench press

Week 1
1x5 50% - 10 wide over hand grip chins
1x5 60% - 10 under hand chins
1x5 65% - 10 wide over hand chins
1x5 80% - 10 under hand chin
1x5 85% - 10 wide over hand chins

Week 2
1x5 50% - 10 face pulls
1x3 60% - 20 face pulls
1x3 65% - 30 face pulls
1x3 80% - 40 face pulls
1x5+ 85% - 50 face pulls

Week 3
1x5 50% - 10 lat pull downs
1x3 60% - 10 lat pull downs
1x2 70% - 10 lat pull downs
1x1 80% - 10 lat pull downs

Week 4
1x5 50%
1x3 60%
1x3 65%
1x3 70%
1x3 75%
1x3 80%
1x3 85%

Week 5
1x3 50%
1x3 60%
1x3 70%
1x3 80%
1x3 90%

Week 6
1x5 50%
1x3 60%
1x2 70%
1x1 80%
1x3 90% (AMCD) * as many sets as you can do until I miss a rep

Week 7
1x5 50%
1x3 60%
1x2 70%
1x1 80%
1x1 90%
1x1 95%
1x1 100%
2x8-10 65-70%

Week 8
1x5 50%
1x3 60%
1x2 70%
1x1 80%
1x1 90%
1x1 100%
1x1 @ 90 of 95%

Week 9
1x5 50%
1x3 60%
1x2 70%
1x1 80%
1x1 90%
1x1 (max out) 100%
90% (3-5 lifts)

Week 10
1x5 50%
1x3 60%
1x2 70%
1x1 80%
1x1 90% (5-7 lifts)


Week 1

Day 1
A. speed squat to low box

B. power clean - work up to a 1-2 rep max

Day 2.
A. max effort squat variation - work up to a 1-2 rep max

B. power clean - technique & speed emphasis

Day 3.
A. speed squat to low box

B. power clean variation * work up to a 1-2 rep max

Day 4.
A. max effort squat variation - work up to a 1-2 rep max

B. power clean - technique and speed emphasis

Day 5.
A. high rep back squat

B. optional dead lift variation - work up to a 3-5 rep max

back squat
front squat
box back/front squat
bottom up squat
pause squat
wide stance power squat

full power clean (squat clean)
power clean
hang clean
clean from blocks (just below knees)
stiff leg cleans

low box speed squat* with or without accommodating resistance
6x2 50%
6x2 55%
6x2 60%

10-20-30-40-50 strip set *BRUTAL
1x20 rest pause
As many sets of 10 as I can handle with 65-75%

conventional dead lift with mixed grip
clean grip dead lift
trap bar dead lift
rack pull
roman dead lift
deficit pulls

NOTE: This is a ton of work. Not including strongman stuff I like to do for fun. Training will be split into sessions throughout the day or night/I have my own gym, so it’s not finding time to train isn’t a problem!

New Years Eve Training

Afternoon Session
90% of 500 = 470
A. Speed Squat 50% of 470 = 6x2x235
B. Rack Walkouts 5x1:00 of tension at 345
C. Seated eccentric less band curls - lotta reps and holds

Post workout meal: 3 eggs with freshly shredded cheddar cheese, 2 strips of bacon.
V8 mix up to drink. Ingredients: v8 juice, hot sauce, wishishire sauce, crushed red pepper and black pepper, ground up celery stalk. Love it!

Then some stretching, and mobility work

P.M Session 2
A. Full Power Cleans - work up to a weight i can dominate, so happens to be 215 today 5x1 w/30 sec intervals
B. Farmer Walk with 75 lb DBs
C. Roman dead lift 3-4x5 @ 225

post work out shake!
whole milk, 2 eggs, organic half and half, peanut-butter, banana , corn syrup, chocolate protein powder = delicious!

contrast shower, hip mobility work, and stretching a long with a cup of freshly ground Colombian Supremo Coffee from Fresh Market for the road to the girl friends :slight_smile:

In for da pwnage


Above is a really interesting article about optimal sleep. You’re bed isn’t good for you!!
Today is a high rep squats and strong man stuff. Maybe do some fishing later this afternoon. Happy new year everyone!