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Primal Instinct


Do you ever think about why we weight train. Its not sane to beat and bust our bodys up day in and out. I mean were we born to weight lift. No its the Primal Instinct in in every last one of you. Its something inside our bodies that tells us dont stop until you feel the burn,the burn turns into pain,The pain turns in tears. But for some reason we keep pushen dont we.

Next time it happens to you in the gym look in the mirror at that point and you will see the PRIMAL RAGE emerging out threw your face. You cant tame it or keep it under control. It has taken control once or twice to all of us. Its a wonderful transformation once you try to harness it. So therefore everyone says is the Bulking machine part animal, well seams like you have to ask yourself are you. When you let out a scream at the gym while you are pounding whose last reps out, You know tearing,and ripping your muscles apart for some reason we all love that feeling done we. Cant stop if you do your a loser , all that hard work for what. So if you love getting transformed into a massive CREATURE that we cant controll.You we like this article. B.Machine


Wow...This is LEAPS AND BOUNDS more clear than your other posts. You are amazingly inspirational for these short little posts.


Go the MACHINE! I'm going to go tear sh#t up!


I picure a fat man (from far too much bulking, I assume) crying into his weightlifting gloves in between sets of curls.


Nice one Bulking Machine. You're the new T-Nation superstar.

I agree that lifting bring out the monster in some of us. After a workout, I always feel like:

1) I wanna fuck someone OR
2) I need to puke OR
3) I wanna beat the shit out of the smith machine guy or the guy doing curls in the power rack

Nice one,



Ouch. My IQ hurts.


Bulking Machine.....
You and me baby.......
Kicking names and taking ass....
well, you know what I mean.


alright, alright Machine...I must admit I enjoy your posts and I've even used them as some sort of motivation...

But, I'm afraid I have to call you out...Let's see a pic of you and see how badass you are...or at the very least, how about just letting us know what your hardcore, ass kicking routine is? Get real with us my man...Let us in on what you do.


I am with lostinthought here. We have given you posts and support bulking machine now i want some goddamn answers. i have asked you twice what motivates you. not to mock you but to honestly know what drives this bulking machine to be so passionate. please enlighten all of us on the specifics of the machine.

Also, does the bulking machine ever turn into Prof. X's worst nightmare, the CUTTING machine?


A lot of you wanted to know what motivates me. Well its my uncle scott. See when I was 6 he died . He was outstanding powerlifter. Went to prison at 123 lbs and a year later was 254 lbs of solid mass.He also passed the Primal Instinct to me. Since Ive started lifting his memory lives on. My uncle scotts the person who made the guy you all know as the Bulking Machine


So this Uncle Scott. He is your creator? That means he impregnated your mother? Was she his sister? Do you refer to him as your Funcle? Sorry but I had to bust on you. I think you could have worded that a little differently.


I got to know how you are training my man. I bet you let your primal urges take hold and you train off instincts. Am I right? Instinctive training?


Yes they take over.I work out 5 time a week 2 off , I know you are about to tell me that i need more rest and trust me i get enough. And when i meant my uncle scott created me its not like that its like genitics.


I want to go lift and breaks somthing now.


bulking machine,

you are a douche.


Fuckin' uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh.


anyone else notice the muscular mokey pics in his posts?i hate to admit it but his short sermons do wanna make me take off and pick something up


if you like over-the-top sermons you should visit the site where "bulking machine" gets his material


It "seams" to me, "threw" his writing, that bulking machine's IQ is "pushen" 40 .


wow kinda of remindes me of those animal ads in the muscle mags. so uh here a quistion what kind of animal are you if your primal and an robot.

cyborg gorilla yes i see now ok i got some inperation for you................

In this life ther is only Lions and gazelles and I shure as shit aint no Gazelle. ok hows my insperation

      hehehe just playin