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Prima donna

Joel, I’ve been reading bodybuilding mags for probably 20 years now, but no writer in recent memory has become a prima donna faster than you.


Is that a compliment or not?? Here it isn’t prima donna = hissy fits, big ego.

Ya know, I think it’s really amazing that I’m getting this from a select few on the Testosterone message board; ya know, the guys with the huge metal-clanging balls, who stand up for what they believe in, etc etc. I have strong opinions and I’m not afraid to firmly state my case. Anyone with a confrontational nature and strong opionions will have their followers and then there will always be that group that will adamently pick apart every word that he or she says in an attempt to discredit that individual. Maybe some of you need to really think about what being a Tman is all about. Am I supposed to back down and run away? I dont think that’s what a Tman would do. However, I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, but at the same time, I try not to make statements that I am not confident about.

Hey Joel, I think you are getting a new lesson in life and there will be others. Also I think you are handling it well. Good job on not being sarcastic or insulting to those that oppose your view. I hope that in the coming years you rememmber not to get too worked up, since this may be the primary purpouse for some and sometimes people ignore all the positive and go for the negative. So out of these discussions you want them to take away that you are a intelligent and mature guy who walks the walk. Good luck bro I think you are doin good!

The biggee difference, Manion, between you and Joel comes down to this: you “read” the mags, Joel has the gumption to “write” for them.

Joel has oodles of intelligence, drive and common sense. He has provided T-Mag with some good information and has kindly assisted quite a few fellow T-Mag forumites. SO - *ahem* where you at?

You’ve got to admit that for a new member of the “fitness elite”, Joel got cocky aweful quick. The guy gets two articles published and he’s suddenly Elvis. Most T-mag staff members aren’t cocky or smart arses after hundreds of published articles. Maybe it’s just because he’s young.

Really constructive thread dude, good job keep up the great work. You wouldn’t happen to be friends with Mike the liberterian would you?

Why is the forum full of fuckwits today? Is it full moon or something?

Patricia, I merely meant that Joel is indeed cocky and abrasive and supremely full of himself. If that’s your idea of a T-man, I hear that Bill Phillips is still single.

As far as "where I'm at," I didn't realize that writing for bodybuilding magazines was such a gutsy and noble undertaking. Maybe instead of writing my doctoral thesis I should have been writing glute training articles.

I think some people are looking in the wrong direction. Joel frequently voices his opinion on here, and although I may not agree 100 % all the time, I like to read his opinion. If you can’t take what you read with a grain of salt, you’re reading the wrong site. I’m not afraid to say I’ve gained plenty of knowledge from Joel(and many others) on this site,that’s the main intent of this forum. Hopefully he’s gained a little from me.

Most T-mag staff members dont post on the forum; when Berardi did, he dealt with the same crap- thus he does not post anymore.

And I apologize if you take my defending my arguments as cocky, but that's just not the case. I post a thread to give further insight into my article, and then someone challenges my logic, so I respond- I have no choice but to respond, sorry, aint trying to be Elvis, but I gotta do it. Then they call me a liar and tell me they have no respect for me, when I never lied. I happen not to like that kind of thing; bothers me. I'm not really sure where the cockiness comes in.

I don’t agree … I became a Prima Donna WAYYYYY faster than Joel :slight_smile:

Writing a doctorial thesis? I previously thought someone with the intellect to be writing a doctorial thesis would have some class. Boy, was I wrong!

Philips may be single but Patricia’s not. She’s got my cocky ass to deal with.

Do us a favor and quit wasting forum space with your bullshit posts.

Hyphnz, if you had bothered to read the Cheaters Diet Addition thread you wouldn’t have made such an ass of yourself it wasn’t a compliment you half wit!! Joel, it takes balls to put something to print and stand by it against criticism, whether the science is right or wrong it works for you and others, and thanks for sharing that.

Joel don’t worry about it. Its easy to bring people down a real t-man builds people up and is considered by some cocky. But whats wrong with being cocky as long it is with honour and with all that testosterone around my system I understand.
I want to say Joel has always been available to answer questions that are for or against his thoeries. I have emailed him personally and he always answers my emails.
Joel keep up the great articles, Charles Poliquin is also very cocky so what. Cocky is good arrogance not so Manion know the difference. If Joel was arrogant he would attack you also I think you misinterpret passion and confidence as cocky something people with low esteem sometimes accuse me of. Yet when a t-man is needed there the first ones to wuse out. You know the guys you see in the gym over and over again and never change because they have no heart.
Enough said!

the way i look at it…who gives a shit what others think bout you…when i became more of a t-man some of it went to my head…all in all i would say i just have more confidence in myself…if you have that there’s nothing wrong…even if you come off as cocky to some.

Shouldn’t this be addressed, if at all, on the off-topic board?

Did I miss something here? Where did this “cocky prima donna” thing start? Joel…I have nothing but respect for ya. It’s a huge accomplishment to be getting your articles in the best BB mag in the world, bar none. Someday I hope to achieve the very same thing. I don’t totally agree with everything you say either, but I respect your opinion. Keep on keepin on!

Before Madonna was Madonna, was she a pre-Madonna?

OK, that was a bad joke. Great article.

Dude, Seriously get a life, Joel has written some of the best and most informative articles in my opinion. I seek out the truth as do all T-men, no matter who writes it, I want the honest truth, if you think he is cocky, then oh well just cause the guy actually belives in what he writes and confidence, dont begrudge him he belives in what he writes, just cause maybe you dont have the confidence he does, or you are a flagpole sitta, at least he takes an open stand on something, confidence is one mans prize while another mans anti-christ, if you have it you cherish it, if you don’t You flame people who do out of sheer jealousy. So get over it, Joel Im by you, Your articles are the shit soo keep up the good work, and don’t let people who are jealous get you down, You have confidence in what you write and that is better than having a “10” rated articles with a guy who can’t stand behind what he writes and doesnt belive in what he writes, preach on joel!