Prilepin's Chart

Hello CT,

quick question about the Prilepin’s Chart.
At 90% + what’s the optimal number of lifts? I have seen 2 different Prilepin’s Chart variations on the internet. They are exactly the same with lower percantages but at 90% chart 1 say 4 lifts are optimal while the other chart says 7. What’s the reason for that?

Thanks in advance

I have no idea. The only theory I have is that one would be the original table done from the analysis of the training of olympic lifters and the other one an adaptation for the powerlifts

Mhm okay what’s the original chart now ? The 4 rep chart I guess ? Thank you

Original is 7 reps

In the original chart, 4-10 was the range and 7 was right in the middle. Louie Simmons has consistently recommended no more than 4 for powerlifting (the bottom of the range).

Note that he has made changes in almost everything over the last 10-20 years though. For example, he often recommends a 5 rep max on partial range movements like lockouts and rack pulls, and also recommends not going over around 120% of a full range max on any partial movement.

Thank you two, CT even once posted a text about the Prilepin chart and in the chart he used there were also 4 reps and then I saw in google pictures this 7 rep chart. That’s why the confusion. But what you say makes sense with the adaptation. I didn’t know about the 5RM on partial reps recommendation, thank you.