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Prilepin's Chart For Similar Exercises

How would you use prilepin’s chart or calculate INOLs when you have similar exercises?

An example would be a front squat & a squat clean. It seems to me that the squat clean sets & reps should also count toward the INOL of the front squat considering you’re doing a front squat as part of the exercise.

Some similar situations:
squat snatch & OHS
front squat & OHS
back squat & front squat

humor me…

what are some of your max lifts?

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Why are you concerned with INOLs???

humor me…

how many friends do you have?

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to get optimal strength gains & avoid overtraining

Is there a particular reason I shouldn’t be concerned w/ INOLs?

This is going to go well…


I’m trying to determine what level lifter you are, to figure out how closely you’ll be able to estimate your maxes and such. The way I answer your question would vary depending on whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter. I don’t want to spend the time to type out what I would say to all 3.



I mean seriously, man, you have zero posting history, and you’re asking a really difficult question to answer. I’d like to be helpful, but it’s hard to be when you’re going to take that attitude.


It absolutely amazes me the height of rudeness certain people will go when they have a computer/phone to hide behind.

Here you have a very experienced lifter that has played in many fields of pushing his physical capabilities asking you a very obvious question that you should have covered in your opening post, and you reply like a 6yr old.



sorry I completely misread your post as it seemed like a jab at me

front squat: 200
deadlift: 395
bench: 235
push press: 170
power clean: 210
power snatch: 145

I was thinking the same thing about his reply, which is why I replied the way I did.

Humor me certainly sounds like a jab at me, implying that I’m weak as fuck. While certainly accurate compared to probably most people on this forum, it’s not what I would consider a polite response.

It appears that I interpreted his post wrong though, as I have alluded to above. so I guess I’m the asshole here


you don’t have a picture on here. you don’t have stats listed. you have no posting history. how could i have assumed anything about you?

edit: just read your stats. that falls into the intermediate category for me, unless you’re like 300 lbs, lol.

If you’re really training Olympic weightlifting as your chosen modality of competing, you need to list your actual best full snatch and full clean+jerk numbers.

As for things like Clean+Front Squat complexes, it really depends.

Is your technique good to begin with? Probably not. Therefore, as heavy as you can go with good form.
The whole point of Clean and Squat complexes is to build on your motor skills for the actual lifts themselves.

If you’re doing 2 reps i.e. clean+front squat, you’d use a different weight than you would for 3 reps. etc.

Your lifts show you really shouldn’t be worrying about something as mindfuckingly boggling as INOLs. You should be worrying about your technique and hitting proper positions. If you really want to plot out a 5-10 year weightlifting program like the Russians used this for, then I’d hire a Russian coach with an understanding of it.

I already said I misread the situation

I am 185 lbs & yes I would consider myself an intermediate

I can’t figure out how to reply with quote from iPad. Annoys me to no end.

I agree here. I have been lifting for 20 years and though familiar with prileprin, had never heard of INOL. Sounds complicated. Also sounds like I a, old… “back in my day, we just lifted logs and rocks…”

Unless I was preparing for a peak cycle where I was among the national favorites in the competition, I would focus on getting stronger, and lifts clean.

No disrespect to the OP, sounds motivated, maybe we can steer him towards a more simple approach.

For the record, i’d give odds that the OP can front squat more than he power cleans in a 10 days with interest in doing so.

Figured out quoting!

Where do you do this? I looked and couldn’t find any info in your profile. I used to have all this and videos in profile but it looks like it got dumped in some site conversion. I blame google and apple as espionage against meatheads. But maybe I’m just paranoid.

I don’t doubt your 10 day front squat comment. It’s from years of following shitty programs & no squat rack. I’m moving in January though & will have a much bigger home gym & will be buying a squat rack the 1st week I’m there. As of now, I’m limited to how much I can clean.

Nice - I suggest going used on the rack. I get new stuff envy but my rack, bar, and 700lbs of weight cost weight just a rack would have new.

What are some of your short and long term goals? That’ll help us give you some tips on how to focus and progress your training.

sorry I didnt get back to this yesterday, had a lot going on.

So, in some ways I don’t find the charts particularly easy to apply the way you’re describing because of your exercise selections. The main reason INOL is calculated, from the way I understand it, is fatigue management. Actual fatigue resulting from, say, a 70% OHS should not be comparable to that of a 70% front or back squat. So if you’re applying the same formula to each, I don’t see how it can work for the outlined purpose.

Here’s how I would approach it. The main purpose of practicing front and back squats will be to continue to develop stronger legs. At your level, that should be the case. I think I can also rightly assume that practicing OHS will be more about technique, and you’ll be using substantially lighter loads for your rep work. I would apply the INOL to the ‘main’ lifts, and accessory movements like OHS can be gauged more by feel. If they’re incredibly taxing at whatever volume you’re performing them at, back off a little bit, either on the weight or volume.

I forgot to mention it in the OP but I only planned on counting lifts toward INOL if they were 55% of my 1RM, so w/ a front squat of 200 I would need to be doing OHS, squat snatch, or squat cleans at 105 lb for them to even count at all toward the INOL of my front squat. I’m not sure if that changes your opinion or not (guessing not).

I’m currently doing 5/3/1.

Thanks for the replies.